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Reviews for The Conference

Grey_Eminence 2005.03.28 - 01:21PM 16: Day Two Signed
Talking about Tolkien, The Hobbit is lying on my desk... But that is not important. Original Wolsbane! Smashing bit about the legs and being prepared ;) Is eye contact the thing that brings them to their senses when the ring 'works its magic'? Oh, and I do like these longer chappies... Very pleasing and appeasing!

Author's Response: I'm reading the Book of Lost Tales, it's really good! Yes, original Wolfsbane. I guess eye contact is the breaker. I never really noticed. I'm glad you like the longer chapters! Pleasing, appeasing... are you a poet too then? *snort* Thank you much!

Trickie Woo 2005.03.27 - 11:43PM 16: Day Two Signed
I will be waiting to hear what you find out. The ring goes much further back that Tolkien, Wagner used it for the 'Ring Cycle. and based it on Teutonic mythology. I never got into 'The Lord of the Rings' but I was completely mesmerized when I saw the 'DerRing Des Niblungen' the first time. The first opera, 'Das Rheingold' gets you hooked into a Teutonic grand soap opera and the passion builds through 'Der Valkure', reaches the height of sexual tension and passion in 'Siegfried' and everything come tumbling down in'Gotterdammerung'. I had never cared much for Wagner until then, but his music was addictive and carried me away. The plots of todays saop operas pale to transparency compared to that plot, double incest,adultry, murder, the quest for power. The Deatheaters and Voldemort aspire to it but they will never reach it, nor will Tolkien, only Wagner will achieve it. Before I forget, keep up your chapter length. I read many stories but I only review the ones I like best and stick with.

Author's Response: True about Wagner, I had forgotten about that. I think I have 'Das Rheingold' somewhere in my opera collection... yes, I do. I have the whole cycle in a blue box. *is proud that she remembered* The music is amazing but I don't care too much for the actual opera. I don't know why... Thank you so much Trickie! I'm still working on the timeline... it's difficult. I've been messing around with it and I think -- think -- that Remus and Snape are somewhere in their early forties. I'm still checking. -Mel

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