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Reviews for The Conference

Grey_Eminence 2005.03.27 - 06:38AM 15: What's in a Name? Signed
So, Mara already knows of his 'duties'... I like the ring - almost as powerfull as the one Mr. Tolkien wrote about ;) I am curious about what sort of a potion it is and what is it for... I also am quite dangerous for my surroundings when I'm impatient - please, for the sake of family members preservation, update as often as possible... ;)

Author's Response: Actually, that is where I got the idea. I just love Tolkien...*sighs* I knew I forgot something in my bibliography. Tell your family members I'm going as fast as I can. We also have to take into account our poor admins...;) Hold your horses! -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.03.26 - 03:31PM 15: What's in a Name? Signed
How old was Snape then? I've been confused about the timeline and have never taken the time to sit down and figure it out. Is is spelled out on The Harry Potter Lexicon? Now about your chapter lenght, please make them longer.

Author's Response: I'm trying to figure it out right now. I'm using the books and the Lexicon, scritch-scratching and calculating away on a paper that is currently filled with notes. -Mel

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