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Reviews for The Conference

Trickie Woo 2005.03.25 - 07:30PM 13: Way Out? Signed
It's good to know that you are trying to do something I desparately want you to do. Another good thing, you said Sex God Snape will appear in chapter 26, we are half way there.

Author's Response: I bow down to... most commands. Almost all. I'm a very indulgent person... And I bet you're just counting the days till we get to chapter 26 -- or 27. -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.03.25 - 05:37PM 13: Way Out? Signed
...'shagging like wild Kneazles'... - now that certainly extended my horizonts... You got me thoroughly intrigued - what is it Snape might want from her? Oh, and sure, cause my life is so stresless that I need to worry about all the possible hitches attached to their predicament... Damn. I guess I'll just have to wait for your merciful side to show and 'feed' us, delighted readers, another stunning chapter!

Author's Response: Took me a bit to find the right simile, I'm glad it's... helped extend your horizons... I had to read Prisoner of Azkaban very carefully... Hm, Snape could want any number of things... My merciful side shall never show! Muahahaha! *coughs* Sorry, I've been waiting to do that for a long time. Coming right up! Abracadabra! (Thanks for making me laugh and feel great... yet again!) -Mel

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