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Reviews for Yes, but...

Apothecaria 2005.03.15 - 08:04PM 5: Five Signed
Hmm...I went through this a couple of times, and couldn't pick up on the references. Is one of them the "everybody's got something to hide" line? It might be familiar. Anyway, another great update. They get on about as well as many married couples I know. The banter is wicked, especially, "Are you attracted to women?" "Are you?" I almost feel sorry for Percy; the joke continues to be on him. And you are bringing Snape and Tonks together well--both are smart, with caustic wits. And they drink together well: the secret to a happy marriage.

Author's Response: Sorry, that's not it. As I said, they're fairly obscure, so I'm not horribly disappointed no one's caught them yet. Guess I'll send them out with the next chapter. But thanks for trying (and, of course, the review)!

Sigune 2005.03.15 - 05:28AM 5: Five Signed
Oogh - the marriage contract plot device still makes my toes curl (translation of this Flemish expression: I think it's perfectly horrid) - but your own assurance that it's a parody makes me keep my faith :)... Tonks and Snape remain a weird combination, so I'm veeeery curious where you are taking this. Favourite line: “Although it would have almost been worth it to see Potter’s face when he found out that his Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was none other than Professor Snape.” Teehee.

Author's Response: Thank you. In a way, I'm glad to have picked up another reader who hates the MLC--it keeps me honest. And yes, I just love that all you have is my word that it won't devolve into sappy drivel.
(Also, I've always liked the toes curling expression--it's so viscerally evocative of its meaning. If you want a really rare expression whose origins I haven't been able to pin down, try "[you look] like death sucking on a salt wafer." Maybe I'll sneak that one in soon... hmm...)

blah_blah_blah 2005.03.14 - 05:58PM 5: Five Signed
Fantastic! I loved the part where she was checking for Moody behind the couch!!

“What precisely are you searching for behind the sofa?”

It's love! And with all the threats and one liners, I think they are getting on just fine!

Author's Response: Lol. Thank you very much. Personally, I think Tonks and Snape would say "it's toleration"--so long as they have enough alcohol to act as a buffer.

LariLee 2005.03.14 - 04:55PM 5: Five Signed
I hate to say I have no clue about the book or movie you're borrowing from, but I have no clue. I do think you've got their interactions down perfectly. And I love the Snape glide!

Author's Response: It's two paraphrased quotes, and one of them's pretty obscure. Always great to have your reviews!

Greyfalcon 2005.03.14 - 03:19PM 5: Five Signed
Great chapter, I found it very funny and was chuckling all the way through it,seldom is it that two characters like this remain in character but must find some common ground...and you are laying the groundwork nicely

Author's Response: Thanks, this chapter's extended dialogue goes down in my favorites to write, and I think the effort put towards keeping them in character paid off in some decent one-liners. By the way, thanks for the prompt review--I always hold my breath until the first one.

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