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Reviews for The Potions Master's Apprentice

ladyshiva 2008.01.09 - 11:34PM 1: 1/1 Signed
Incredibly hot, and a perfectly written Snape. I very, very much enjoyed this story!

Author's Response: I am honoured! Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

Slashereader 2006.10.14 - 11:49PM 1: 1/1 Signed

Author's Response: I am very happy that you thought so. Thanks for letting me know! : )

Teacherspet 2005.03.31 - 06:34PM 1: 1/1 Signed
I liked your description of a repressed Snape, unwiiling to let go even during sex. He can only allow himself free reign when angry. Anger seems to be the only emotion that is acceptable to him. well done one shot. Thank-you!

Author's Response: No, I thank you! I enjoyed your analysis of Snape's character. Very insightful.

Amorette 2005.03.19 - 12:42AM 1: 1/1 Signed
Well, well. An original character who ISN'T gorgeous AND realistic sex. Nicely done. Snape even stays Snapish. What more can I ask for?

Author's Response: I am honoured! Thank you so much for taking the time, not only to read, but to review as well. It is very much appreciated.

LariLee 2005.03.12 - 08:37AM 1: 1/1 Signed
Extremely hot! I think they both won!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am very pleased you found this to be "stimulating"!

June W 2005.03.12 - 12:37AM 1: 1/1 Signed
Very nice! Sounds like a nice long apprenticeship. Umm, sorry to be stuck on this detail, but.... what happened to the Ocean Stinkweed mislabeling problem? If he didn't do it, and she didn't do it, then how did it get mislabeled?

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. With regard to the Stinkweed, not that I am going to continue the story but I always envisioned Snape receiving a letter of apology from the potions company for their error. He would show the letter to Elspeth, but Severus, being Severus, would not apologize.

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