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Reviews for Bring Me The Head of Bellatrix Lestrange

sureves_epans 2005.11.18 - 11:08PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
This was BRILLIANT! Your writing is so beautifully discriptive, your characters deep and your plotline enthralling. I was hooked from beginning to end. I loved the character of Mahaut, she was brilliant, and your Severus was so believable. I'm really looking forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: thankyou so much, this was actaully my 1st fanfic and 1st lemons, and i've been a wowed by the positive response, and its alwayas nice to get a new review on something thats been around for a while. mahaut is a persitant little sos and so tho, at the moment she has wormed her way into an original fic that i'm wrting!

Apythia 2005.07.22 - 12:02PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
Zafania - I really loved this! Very imaginiative and well told. Refreshingly unique in plot and concept. I am looking forward to having some free time to read the next installment of your trilogy!

Author's Response: thankyou! flattery will get you everywhere! so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.

Apythia 2005.07.22 - 09:11AM 3: Chapter 3: Durmstrang Signed
I just finished chapter 3. Damn woman that was hot! Off to continue reading...

Author's Response: why, thank you! more wierd lemons in chapter 5! have a nice continued read, l'mm off to holy island for the weekend with a group of grumpy vikings, so l hope you have a good one too!

aliceperrers 2005.07.05 - 05:27AM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
I'm no good at reviews, but I just wanted to tell you that I love this fic, and l love Mahaut!

Author's Response: thanksL'm sure Mahaut thinks that you're pretty cool too! thanks for reviewing!

Trickie Woo 2005.06.25 - 12:10AM 1: Chapter 1: The Ghost Signed
I finally started to read your stories today. I'v read totally through the first one and enjoyed it very much. The relationship that Snape and Mahaut have is a very unique one, what surprises me most about it is that after 18 years, once the catharsis is over and they both wake up they can go right back to where they left off when she was captured, they need no period of readjustment.

Author's Response: they do need a period of re-adjustment, i deal with it at the beginning of colchian inheritance, but it's different because of thier connection to each other, in a way that's waht colchis is all about. but they are both odd bods i think, they deal with things in thier own way. glad you enjoyed my first fanfic, thanks for reviewing!

anodyne 2005.06.19 - 07:40PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
My fav. lines: “Just exactly how much dirt do you have on the current Minister for Magic?” and " And they had unanimously decided that what they had seen in the Entrance Hall on New Year’s eve was some kind of mass delusion induced by the supernatural fumes from Hagrid’s socks, combined with their close confinement in his cabin for a whole week. " I never really read OC/SS fics because most are Mary-Sue-ish or just not my cup of tea but I am very glad I read this one. You've done a great job. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: thanks! the line about hagrid's socks was inspired by the fact that my partner always teases me about my socks! (his are worse though!) the sequel to this one is completed, but it's kind of different,coz it's about the strenghs they find in each other, as is the third part, which isn't quite all posted yet, although it is about finished, so it shouldn't be long. hope you give those a look and enjoy them too thanks for reviewing!.

il_bianco_e_dolce_cigno 2005.06.03 - 06:49PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
the sweet white swan...its the name of a song i adore..a madrigal, i think by jacques arcadelt..i might need to double check that! yes, it was the madness one--i think maybe just separate it into two, if that wouldn't destroy it?..i dont want to screw up your flow, and you obviously know best as the writer! :) -cigno

Author's Response: i think i figured that out pretty well for someone whose sole knowlege of the italian lagauge comes from a combination of failing latin and reading cookery books! I'll have a word with Kathy about the paragraph thing when she gets back next week, she's away at the moment. thanks for the feedback though!

il_bianco_e_dolce_cigno 2005.06.02 - 11:42PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
this was a lovely and heart-wrenching read..i couldnt stop, started about two hours ago and just kept going. my one complaint is that in this final chapter there is a section with an über thick paragraph, and it is a little distracting to try to read it for some reason--i think because it doesnt flow as well, or something?...but i wouldn't change it because the stuff within it is necesary to the story. i just thought it made me a little more ADD than usual.

Author's Response: sorry, but l don't speak italian and my latin is crap, what does you name mean? bianco i know is white, and dolce is sweet, is cigno swan? the sweet white swan? glad you enkoyed the story, try giving the sequel a go. which paragraph do you mean, coz i just took a quick scan and coulnd't notice any that were particuly long, exept the one where Mahaut talks about her madness was matbe slightly longer than the others? that one was kind of a hard paragraph to write as it was a wierd thing to explain. thanks for reviewing!

aramintasnape 2005.05.04 - 03:44PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
What a wonderful story! You've created a great character in Mahaut and the interaction between the two is incredibly powerful. I'm off to find the next part now :)

Author's Response: Aw! you're so sweet, I'm glad everyone like Mahaut, i like her too, she says that i can borrow some of her shoes. Thanks for reviewing!

Owlbait 2005.05.01 - 12:38PM 7: Chapter 7: La gazza Ladra Signed
Oh my that was good. Yeah the ending was sappy but they'd both gotten beaten up pretty good first, so who could grudge it to them? So many really great lines I've lost track. Awsome :)

Author's Response: gLad you enjoyed it. read the sequel and you'll se why I decided they needed a sappy break (that's what's known as a shameless plug, isn't it? that's me, shameless. mind you, what plugs have got to be embarassed about is beyind me) thanks for reviewing

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