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Reviews for Legacy

dforlove 2006.01.26 - 01:00AM 1: Prologue Signed
I can't believe this only got one review. I loved it, having always believed that the rivalry between Severus and Sirius made for an interesting slash twist, but that they just couldn't really act on it, having far too many barriers between: friends, values, distance, time... countless barriers. Unless they had a tryst or two while in school... Anyway, I thought this was very well done. The biting dialogue from Severus was exactly as it should be, and though silence such as shown here by Sirius in the face of insults is rare, his thoughts justify it perfectly, first with having been in a mood of berating himself as a failure, musing on others doing the same, and then noticing an attraction for Snape that kept him somewhat distracted. Very human and real.

Author's Response: Thank you for the high praise, dforlove! I was especially concerned with Sirius's characterisation here, and your words mean more to me than I can say :)

phoenix 2005.09.30 - 06:57PM 4: Part Four Signed
Wow! As you know, I don't really read slash, but I have always found your stories very believable and this one did not disappoint. It was marvelously done. I liked the humor with the chess set. That provided the right amount of levity in the story....The end was incredibly moving. I love the bit with the knight saying that Sirius didn't break promises and encouraging Severus to keep the wine. Nearly brought me to tears. Wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, phoenix! I always wondered about the ending, hoping that it was not too overdone, and your kind words have definitely made my day!

jessicadamien 2005.08.04 - 04:24AM 4: Part Four Signed
Wonderful story! I don't normally care for slash, but this was great, with just the right blend of angst and romance.

Author's Response: Thank you, jessicadamien!! There's no higher praise that someone can give a slash reader then to read something they normally would not. You'v made my day :)

Lydia 2005.04.21 - 08:32PM 4: Part Four Signed
So sad and so beautiful! You crafted their interactions, filled out their personalities so well. Yours is one of the best stories I've read!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lydia! I am sorry I did not reply sooner, I must turn on the review alert :(

Lydia 2005.04.21 - 08:32PM 4: Part Four Signed
So sad and so beautiful! You crafted their interactions, filled out their personalities so well. Yours is one of the best stories I've read!

Author's Response: There is hardly words to express my gratitude for your high praise, Lydia! Thank you so much ;)

Lou 2005.04.16 - 09:32PM 4: Part Four Signed
oh. my. GOD. this was so beautiful...and so abrupt. Argh, I loved the dating rules...simply brilliant. The ending made me cry (which is hard to do) I love your stories...keep up the good work. Kudos. "I know. But I promised him I would be waiting with the glasses."

Author's Response: I am blushing over here, Lou ;) Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it; I appreciate more than I can ever say.

ZahariaCelestina 2005.03.30 - 12:07PM 4: Part Four Signed
Aw, I jumped on that link as soon as it popped on the front page! Great ending, Vaughn! Bittersweet! I especially appreciated the way you could summarise Sirius and Severus' personalities in one, powerful line each. Your idea for understanding their personalities through the way they play chess was very in character and pleasant to read! Good work! :o)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Chess is a favourite of mine, and I really feel you tell quite a bit from someone by how they play the game.

Silverthreads 2005.03.30 - 07:28AM 4: Part Four Signed
Oh cool ending!

Author's Response: I really appreciate your kind words, Silverthreads, and thanks for sticking throught this with me :)

Silverthreads 2005.03.22 - 08:26PM 3: Part Two Signed
I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. Well done!

Author's Response: It's a little bit of both, I think! Thanks you, Silverthreads!

ZahariaCelestina 2005.03.22 - 04:29PM 3: Part Two Signed
I have been waiting that update eagerly! Nice mounting tension... and nice release! I read your chapter in one shot, half sitting, half standing next to my chair! I laughed out loud again quite a few times! Great ending, you totally surprised me with Severus' reaction! Willbewaitingyournextchapterwithanticipation!

Author's Response: Your kind support is greatly appreciated, Zaharia! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, and I hope the next part will hold your interest :)

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