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Reviews for Living Shadow

Mia 2005.11.12 - 09:55PM 1: Living Shadow Signed
Very Nice Vaughn . . .and tricky.

Author's Response: Hi Mia--Thank you for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it ;)

ZahariaCelestina 2005.03.14 - 12:30PM 1: Living Shadow Signed
Very original! It took me some time to figure out who was the main character, but once it's done, everything becomes clear.

Author's Response: Excellent, because that was my idea! It's funny how similiar those two are, when broken down.

phoenix 2005.03.13 - 10:21PM 1: Living Shadow Signed
Very moving. I love the fact that someone would actually miss Severus. I'll admit I didn't see the ending coming. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you, phoenix! I am happy to hear I was able to surprise with the ending, as was my intentions :)

droxy 2005.03.10 - 08:14PM 1: Living Shadow Signed
sad, he should let him go

Author's Response: I agree, droxy...but some things are easier said than done. Thank you for reading:)

June W 2005.03.10 - 05:06AM 1: Living Shadow Signed
Okay, this is very nicely written, but I am a bit dense - Severus is alive and well, then somehow he dies but can't "die" because someone refuses to let him go, and that "someone" has dull gray eyes? Who is it?

Author's Response: Thank you, June! It's actually written from the 'grey eyed' person's POV the entire time-Sirius Black.

Silverthreads 2005.03.09 - 04:02PM 1: Living Shadow Signed
Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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