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Reviews for The Conference

Freakish puddinG 2005.09.18 - 05:23PM 3: Good News Anonymous
Man,...you keep complaining about the lack of reviews,and i just started reading,..but here goes. I like this chapeter.I liked the last chapter too,but there was to little information for me to comment it well. Keep doing the good work. :)

faith 2005.08.28 - 06:35PM 2: Entrance to Hogwarts Anonymous
so far i really like it

Author's Response: I'm glad you do! Enjoy! -Mel

phoenix 2005.08.05 - 12:09PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Well done. I like how you mixed the humor in with the trials and tribulations. Good job not making it too easy and I like how it took a potion gone awry to get them together. I just have to ask, what's in the water at Hogwarts? LOL

Author's Response: Can't have anything without a shot of humor! I find it impossible. Many, many, many thanks. (You ask? Well then, I'll tell you. *ahem* SEVERUS SNAPE'S SPECIAL HAIR CURLING SHAMPOO! GETS RID OF EXCESS OIL, DANDRUFF, AND EXCESSIVE STRAIGHTNESS! NOW ONLY THREE SICKLES A BOTTLE! Lol.) -Mel

mala 2005.07.27 - 10:38PM 3: Good News Signed
It's really good so far, I'll read this to the end. Just thought I'd review now since you've asked for it.

Author's Response: Why, many thanks! I hope you enjoy it all the way to the end! -Mel

MarieMcGonagall 2005.07.20 - 05:02AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Very good story.Very interesting and realistic,or at least according to me. I enjoyed it from beginning till end.I actually stayed up till after midnight to finish it when I had to get up at 7 in the morning.Anyway.Keep up the good work. I would looove to read anything you write about Mara,Severus and little Cassandra.It'll be great.Looking forward to it.Best wishes and don't despair over lack of reviews.I guess most people are just too lazy.It doesn't mean your story's bad.Because it's great.:)

Author's Response: *gapes* Go get some sleep! And some coffee wouldn't be amiss either. I'm so glad you think so and I'm so happy you've reviewed! Once I finish my trilogy "To Travel Through Time", I'll go back to the short stories. The way to get rid of little Michael or Gary or whatever his name is, is the hard part. Thank you so much, Marie! -Mel

LadyLuck321 2005.05.23 - 02:16PM 5: Just a Reminder Signed
Dundun DUNNNNN!!! whatever will she do now! Snape at his snarkiest..yummy.

Author's Response: She will bite back! :D I know, right? *Sighs* -Mel

LadyLuck321 2005.05.23 - 02:13PM 4: Not-So-Good News Signed
Nice little twist there to keep her at Hogwarts a little longer than planned.....

Author's Response: Thanks! Wait till you read more... -Mel

LadyLuck321 2005.05.23 - 02:11PM 3: Good News Signed
Just found your story and am enjoying it! Can't wait to finish reading it...but I hate it when people wait to the end to review my stories. I want to know what they think about each chapter!

Author's Response: I don't mind it, as long as they review somewhere! :) Sometimes it does annoy me, but that's only when I'm insecure about the story. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope to see your thoughts on it throughout the story! -Mel

kay 2005.05.06 - 09:41AM 3: Good News Anonymous
wow wot a great start to ure story already, I look 4ward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you! I sincerely hope you enjoy it! -Mel

Ali1124 2005.05.05 - 12:50PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Anonymous
WONDERFUL ENDING!!! I've been waiting for that! Thank you for finishing it!! Please keep writing your my favorite author!! (Well... next to J.K. of course...) :0)

Author's Response: *gasp* Thank you! I'm amazed. I'm so glad you loved it! Stay tuned for more! -Mel

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