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Reviews for The Conference

kaoslover 2013.01.25 - 04:30AM 7: Secrets Signed
Hi, my name is Xandria & I first read this story years ago & have been looking for it ever since. It made me so happy to find it again so thank you for a most enjoyable read by myself & my sisters & daughters x

cjmccoy88 2007.05.02 - 03:41AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
I love this story. You did a wonderful job. Of course there were some of the obvious plot turns, but it still ended in a very satisfying manner. Brava!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) -Mel

akinaria 2007.04.22 - 09:03PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
This was good - you held the tension well and it did not go too fast! A few errors but the only real quibble is Titanic! I am a female Severus and believe me - it IS possible to thaw the iceberg a little but there is not enough love in the entire world to make a romantically sour git allow "Titanic" anywhere near their life without a vitriolic bout of venom! I love my husband and danced a vaguely romantic number or two BUT I left the room at a mates wedding when the "Titanic" theme came on! There is no version of Severus that can carry such an allowance off!

akinaria 2007.04.20 - 11:41PM 18: Day Three Signed
Fact quibble - myths are just tales, they are not necessarily true. There are many tales about Apollo, not one is more true or less true than the others. They are all allegorical - that was the nature of religion then. Taking them literally is daft and would have made the initiates of the time think that the literalist was Hylic moron. So, the tale you "chose" as true is not and the ones which you defered to lesser status are equal. Perhaps a simple "this came from myth" would be better than "this is true"! The story is okay but rather scant on detail; the huge leap to engagement seems odd despite the circumstances.

firefly124 2006.09.15 - 12:55AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Very enjoyable!

Author's Response: Thanks! -Mel

LunaSnape 2006.05.06 - 02:52PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
*tear* wow that was a GREAT story. I loved it. I'm sorry i wasn't there at the begining but i'm glad I read it. I'm going to start reading your other fic now-though it will probly take some time. *hee* I realy enjoy your style. It make the reader feel what the character is...ok I'll shut up now...I tend to ramble. *****Great Job *LS*

Author's Response: Don't worry, you weren't rambling. Just boosting my ego. ;) Thanks so so so so so so much! I feel so ... ego-boosted now. :p -Mel

pengayoman 2006.03.31 - 06:57AM 10: Happy Halloween, Professor Signed
Very entertaining..... The first time I read your fiction, I thought it would be boring...but then in this chapter, I felt joy of reading a story. The humour and the way you describe each character's costumes detail are interesting. Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Detail is my strong point, but I have to watch it so I don't bore my readers. Glad you said I succeeded. Makes me all fuzzy inside. *smirk* -Mel

colmka 2005.11.28 - 07:27PM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
on a quick note in regards to artemis the virgin huntress. The title virgin comes from an old meaning, that of "belonging to no man" not as in chastity having no sex. by the way loving the tale.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you're enjoying. I actually did know that, as I am a mythology freak, but I decided to have another (rather flimsy) reason as to her virginity. Thank you, though! I hope you enjoy the rest. -Mel

mariaa 2005.11.06 - 02:29PM 4: Not-So-Good News Signed
this is only the third chapter and I am already laughing... I like your story very much and im looking forward to see the effect of Maras personality on Snape!!!

Author's Response: Don't laugh too hard -- I don't want to have to lose a reader due to them pushing up daisies becuase of spleen explosion! *grins* Thank you very much -- they've told me that it's an astounding effect. I like to think so too. Enjoy! -Mel

Freakish puddinG 2005.09.18 - 05:35PM 3: Good News Anonymous
Man,...you keep complaining about the lack of reviews,and i just started reading,..but here goes. I like this chapeter.I liked the last chapter too,but there was to little information for me to comment it well. Keep doing the good work. :)

Author's Response: *chuckles* That was at the beginning, when hardly anyone reviewed, except my loyal few. Now I have more -- the joy! (I wanted more contructive criticism) Excellent, thank you! -Mel

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