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Reviews for Professor Snape's Address

Teddy Radiator 2013.10.09 - 12:11PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
I came to this story by way of LJ's One_Bad_man community, and I'm so glad. This is actually one of the best stories I've ever read, and it illustrated what I thought all along, that Severus Snape was a very conscientious head of house, and that he truly cared what happened to his students. I know you mentioned this was written before HBP, but it eerily echoes what was to come, and the horrendous burden he already carried. This address and its subsequent results would be his fitting epitaph. Thank you for such a great piece.

gloucester 2013.10.09 - 08:37AM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
I think this is brilliant. I recced it today on One Bad Man.

indiekicks 2013.03.09 - 01:19AM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
This is fantastic. It's a shame we never got to see Snape in his role as Head of Slytherin in the books but somehow I doubt even JKR could pull it off as brilliantly as you did.

Andromache 2009.10.18 - 05:31PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
This was a fabulous fic. I found it because I'm looking for stories featuring Blaise and Snape. Sadly, it ended too soon. There is so much more I'd love to read from this. You tease me with an appetizer and there is so much potential. I'd love to see how Slytherin's Army changes the world. This could be novel-length and one heck of a ride. I love Severus as mentor. Those are some of my favorite fics ever. I mean, the Slytherins must love him for more than just their own ambitions. I adore fics that show him in his capacity as their leader. Thanks for writing such a fine piece of work. Hits all the right buttons for me; you've captured Slytherin's allure beautifully.

star_girl 2009.01.31 - 02:46PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
I stumbled across this purely by accident, and I'm so pleased I decided to read it. It's so refreshingly different, and tackles many issues that were left open regarding Salazar Slytherin and his house. So many people were disappointed with DH, myself included, that we are even now looking to fan fiction to plug the holes JKR left. The fact that this story was written so long ago yet it's essence still rings true shows the quality of your writing. I'm off to see what other gems you may have uploaded :)

KarenDetroit 2009.01.02 - 09:31PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
Thank you Sigune! Excellent and logical extrapolation from canon (those parts that cohere).

Author's Response: Do I sense a certain discontent with canon ;-)? Glad you like the story! -S.

Violet Azure 2008.03.02 - 07:06PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
This is a fantastic story. I'm so disapointed that canon never really addressed the issues with Slytherin House and still made it the "bad" house, even in the epilogue. I think you really capture the essence of Slytherin House and you have a real feel for Snape's voice, mannerisms, and speech. I love the whole intrigue and political nature of this piece and it is truly a great work of fanfic. I loved Snape's humor, especially this line: [I have no desire to see you butchered – despite what the sixth years may think after receiving the abominable results of yesterday’s test on Dementors]

Author's Response: Thank you! ...I was rather hoping the Slytherin issue would be addressed, and the lack of nuance was one of the major dissappointments of DH for me. It made me extra glad to have written this - that I had offered a kind of remedy to the problem in my own small way. I'm so glad you liked the story! -S.

halloweenbaby 2007.11.06 - 01:11PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
One more time, I am struck by how JKR glossed over and marginalized her Slytherin characters. Especially Snape. And one more time, I am reminded that sometimes fanfic writing is better than the original source. This is a terrific story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! After reading DH I am doubly happy to have written this, and I do hope I can do more in future stories :-). -S.

Textualsphinx 2007.10.04 - 05:39AM 1: Professor Snape's Address Anonymous
I read this ages ago and am so glad it popped up again. If only JKR had done this with the Slytherin students. She utterly betrayed the idea of house unity and the restoration of Hogwarts' fourth pillar. Maybe her idea of 'unity' is like Milton's for marriage: as the husband is the head and the wife the obedient inferior, so Gryffindors should presumably in her view be the acknowledged natural leaders and Slytherins should kowtow to their supposed ethical superiority. Silly me, I had this naive idea that unity entails equality. Bah, humbug. Please, could you rewrite the whole of book 7 for fandom. Bit of a tall order, I know.

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm so glad you liked this! My fanfic muse completely abandoned me after DH, but she's back now, and you never know what she may bring :-). I do feel like rewriting Book 7 with a twist; whether I can pull it off will depend on whether I can to turn the tall order into a slightly more manageable one ;-). -S.

Grainne 2007.07.09 - 06:32PM 1: Professor Snape's Address Signed
I don't believe I reviewed this before, although I certainly read it and admired it. I'm so pleased that the excellent taste of the mods at this site brought it to my attention once again! It was also a great pleasure to revisit (in story form) some of the excellent points you made in the paper you read in Las Vegas.

Now, to the review proper: your prose and descriptions (of his office, the spell, etc.) are wonderful, and "listening" to your Snape is enthralling. He is a true master of subtlety. In these times we live in, the line about never trusting a leader who doesn't want his followers to think for themselves hit home, as did the fact that many of Salazar's loudest supporters hadn't even bothered to read his works. I think Snape should get some sort of award for inspiring his charges to consult primary sources and question what they've been told!

And, last but not least, enquiring minds want to know--does he or doesn't he have that list of the 700 Quidditch fouls? I have an...er...friend who might be interested in a trade. ;-)

Author's Response: Hee hee - it's rather obvious that this story was written by an academic, isn't it? My obsession with sources and critical enquiry shines through ;-)... Keeping Snape subtle was this story's greatest challenge for me - he had to steer the Slytherins without giving himself away too much.

I am so very happy that you enjoyed this :D! Such praise from a writer I adore is - SQUEE! ^_^ Thank you! -S.

PS: Of course he has that list! But as you can imagine, it won't come cheap...

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