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Reviews for A Matter of Light and Dark

RobynR 2005.07.17 - 06:48PM 1: One Shot Signed
Oh I like! What a cliff hanger, I definately like to see more of this. Well done.

LaurenLeigh 2005.03.02 - 02:10AM 1: One Shot Signed
I liked this, it's not the usual fanfic where Snape is strictly for the light side of things (which is indeed refreshing) and I think this is probably closer to how Snape actually feels about the situation he's gotten himself into and the options that he has/had. It wouldn't surprise me if he actually did take up with the side that had the upper hand. Good work.

greenwood 2005.02.24 - 02:59PM 1: One Shot Signed
Very different and thought provoking. We all read how Severus is such a good guy at heart (well there are a few out there that don't partray him that way but very few). You may have the correct stance on him. We will never know until the cannon books are done. I have always hoped he would be the hidden good guy but the realities are that he may be more in the line of your thinking. Well done.

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