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Reviews for The Seer

Jong_Kahn 2012.08.11 - 09:08AM 2: Part Two: The Muggle Seer Signed
I liked Rowling's matter-of-fact acceptance of Severus and all he'd told her at chapter's end. "I may as well have one last adventure before they lock me up. Let's go, Severus." Let's go, indeed! Nicely done.

adelgado 2011.07.11 - 11:39PM 6: Part Six: Stealth and Scalpels Signed
Very intresting. i'm gald Sanpe didn't die. Thanks for writing

Jong_Kahn 2010.06.26 - 04:16AM 6: Part Six: Stealth and Scalpels Signed
What a great story! I have already favorited this, and must say that ten measley points per chapter are not nearly enough! If I could give you a "50", I would! Thanks for having written such a terrific story!

Jong_Kahn 2010.06.26 - 03:29AM 4: Part Four: Inside a Nest of Vipers Signed
Holy shit, is this a great story! Not only is your premise intriguing, but your plotting is peerless (take that, Ms. Rowling!), and your sucker punch of having Dumbledore come back to life was simply inspired! Damn, you're good! Another "10" for you!

Jong_Kahn 2010.06.26 - 02:11AM 1: Part One: Falling Afoul of the Muggle World Signed
You have done a terrific set-up here; it's strangely believable, yet the characters are pretty true to canon. I am really impressed by the way the police are interested in their wands. This is a more adult, better thought-out version of what it would be like if our Potterverse friends really had been in this situation. Well done!

invisibilitycloak2 2009.01.01 - 05:47PM 4: Part Four: Inside a Nest of Vipers Signed
i actually had an idea a few months ago to write a story where JKR was a seer and that all the things she wrote were true...but i am very glad you beat me to it!! very nice characters and story!! :D

testingt 2008.08.05 - 01:38PM 6: Part Six: Stealth and Scalpels Signed
A nice wrap up! Thank you for the pleasure you've given me.

testingt 2008.08.05 - 01:24PM 5: Part Five : Beware the Americans! Signed
You remind me that what Muggles call a "magician" is an illusionist--Snape certainly qualifies as that as well as a wizard! Nice save on the Occlumency... and, you know, I think Alexandra's line might be not be that far off Voldie's original one--and Grindelwald/Dumbledores, for that matter. "For the greater good."

testingt 2008.08.05 - 12:56PM 4: Part Four: Inside a Nest of Vipers Signed
You'd been recced over on Snapedom; I had read you before but not reviewed, bad me! Definitely not every fanfic bears rereading--yours emphatically does. I think I appreciate it better this time. Severus's reaction to Albus's resurrection was so spot on--his interactions with Lucius and Bella--Bella's being overtly unhinged--and Muggle characters who are more than pawns for the WW to push around (okay, some of them are playthings for Peter. But hey). I do love this story!

MerrinBeta 2008.08.02 - 09:00AM 6: Part Six: Stealth and Scalpels Signed
So many clever twists and turns! I didn't think I would like a story without a romance, but even Snape at his most Snapish was very entertaining.

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