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Reviews for Yes, but...

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 06:59PM 3: Three Signed
Here, plot bunny! Here's some din-din! Oh my Lord this is good, funny where it needs to be. Can this Muggle volunteer to marry Severus? This is the best 'marriage law' one yet!!!!! XD XD

tigerlily2 2008.02.23 - 02:48AM 3: Three Signed
Good line about Dumbledore and Slytherin. Thanks!

Joyce 2006.02.06 - 07:08AM 3: Three Signed
I've just discovered your story. I quite like it but I don't like the fact Snape uses "Mudblood" and right in front of Dumbledore. I don't think that's very realistic; I wish you would change it into Muggleborn, and keep Mudblood for when Death Eaters and Voldemort are talking!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it except that one proviso. While I understand you might have a problem with Snape's use of the term "Mudblood," and agree wholeheartedly that cannon Snape would be too fastidious to use it in everyday speech, I'm not going to change it.

Here's why I used it: Snape in this scene is thoroughly irritated by Tonks and deeply disturbed from having rummaged through Percy's mind. Therefore, he's trying to (if you forgive my language) piss off Dumbledore in order to make himself feel a bit better. It's like scratching an itch, I suppose. In fact, the paragraph after the first time he says "Mudblood" starts:

"Dumbledore did not rise to the bait. He never did. Just once, Snape would like to turn the table on the headmaster, to provoke him past his infamous serenity."

As for why Dumbledore doesn't bother to correct Snape - (1) he's got other things on his mind, (2) he fully realizes that Snape's just trying to provoke him.

sinaz0211 2005.10.12 - 12:46AM 3: Three Signed
It's fun to watch Snape verbally twist and turn to wriggle out of his situation. Pinned! And Phineaus at the end was a great finish! On to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Muahaha! Glad you enjoyed, and I think your metaphor was very asp--I mean apt. :-D

lordmelkor 2005.09.14 - 06:26PM 3: Three Signed
I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great. You are the master of humor.

Author's Response: Hehe. If you keep saying that it's going to go to my head.

Teacherspet 2005.07.02 - 12:41PM 3: Three Signed
Wheee, MLC fic, my guilty pleasure! I know some people consider them abusive or cheesy, but I love the contrivance. Really, marriage is the ultimate reality show ;) You have a talent for great one-liners, and characters observations. Fletchers rap sheet longer than Grangers essays and Tonks wondering which was more overstuffed, Percy or the sofa. Subtle humor that rings true. Loved the inside joke of Snape seeing Granger as a way out, and NOT getting to marry her, hee hee.

Author's Response: Why thank you! I think I'm keeping you...

Trickie Woo 2005.05.26 - 11:21PM 3: Three Signed
I absolutely love this chapter. The first 3 were entertaining, but this one is hilarious in it's cynicism. Verity Brown recommended this to me and I'm glad she did. Update soon.

Author's Response: Well, I guess I'll have to thank Verity again. Glad you're enjoying it!

FeyinBetween 2005.03.04 - 10:28PM 3: Three Signed
I really liked this chapter. I knew there had to be a reason Dumbledore kept so many sweets around... The scene where he is "persuading" Severus is also very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

LariLee 2005.02.21 - 09:18PM 3: Three Signed
I was wondering if it would be the Marriage Law. :-) Well-done! I particularly love when Snape gets caught in his own trap.

Author's Response: Heh... excellent

blah_blah_blah 2005.02.21 - 08:44PM 3: Three Signed
I love this! It is a parody, but it also makes a good story.

I am thinking that Hermione is not going to end up with Ron. After all, this IS a parody! And I know this is not a SS/HG fic. I just keep thinking you have palced a certain character in a certain position for a certain reason....hummm.

I am enjoying your Tonks. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, that was what I was hoping for! I'm trying to keep true to the characters while putting them in absolutely ridiculous situations.
Glad you like Tonks--she's fun to write. More coming soon, I promise. I just have to figure out how to end the next chapter.

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