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Reviews for The Dark Secret Of Severus Snape

darkdesire 2008.04.21 - 04:35PM 1: One Shot Signed
LOL, clever.

SlytherAway 2005.11.14 - 11:38PM 1: One Shot Signed
I <3 Rammstein!! And Severus! And this Rammstein-loving-Severus too! :D ~Shaff

Lady Whitehart 2005.09.06 - 02:08AM 1: One Shot Signed
ROFL Well you had me going there for a minute or two. I freely admit that I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Great!

Lola Weasley 2005.04.17 - 02:43PM 1: One Shot Anonymous

phoenix 2005.02.16 - 05:43PM 1: One Shot Signed
OMG, that was such a fun little twist at the end. I absolutely love it. Nothing quite like the unexpected to make you laugh.

Grey_Eminence 2005.02.16 - 03:46PM 1: One Shot Signed
Yo!!! The ending is sooooo good! By the way, I am going to see them on the 28 of feb. So this just really made my day...I mean, now I will be thinkig of Snape even during the concert!!! ;)

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