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Reviews for Two Hands

SataiDelenn 2011.12.03 - 11:55PM 1: Two Hands Signed
It's very beautiful, but so very sad.

donnalp68 2005.02.14 - 01:07PM 1: Two Hands Signed
Beautiful! Well done!

jh_wheatley 2005.02.13 - 08:18PM 1: Two Hands Signed
Interesting- can be taken from different angles: Is he actually physically alone, or is he with someone, but so emotionally alienated, such an 'island unto himself' that he is still alone on the inside? -Just rhetorical questions, the ramblings of my mind. Love how so much can be evoked wtih so few words. Great economy of expression!

tisasil 2005.02.13 - 11:07AM 1: Two Hands Signed
I liked it a lot.

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