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Reviews for The Dark Night of the Soul

journeymom 2006.02.16 - 01:26PM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
You'll have to forgive me, as I'm not sure how these things work, being only a reader and not an author. But were you able to update this to make it HBP compliant, even though you posted it in February '05? Regardless, this was thought provoking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so glad to hear other readers say Dumbledore's treatment of Snape has been unfair. I love Dumbledore, I think Snape is a mean bully, but knowing that Black was going to essentially murder Snape at the hands of his best friend Lupin, and also learning of Snape's Worst Memory, Dumbledore doesn't make sense. Either Dumbledore has no second thoughts about truely using people up like pawns (like many writers have portrayed him), or there's one more incident in Snape's past that explains why James Potter felt so justified in being horrible to Snape. Simply hating the Dark Arts just doesn't justify James's cruel behavior. And there's only one book left to explain all this! Ah well. This story is on my list of favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very glad you like this, it's my own pet story :-)... The relationship between Snape and Dumbledore is what has me on the edge of my chair for Book 7 - JKR has written the history between them in such a way that actually it's not that hard to believe that Snape, who nurtures hatred for years and years, should after all this time finally turn against the man who didn't punish the boys who tried to get him killed while at school... *shudders* I hope we will get all the explanations we are thirsting for!
Yes - although I wrote the story before HBP, it survived the new canon almost intact. I just had to change a name and a sentence or so. Writers can easily edit their stories at this site, and do it manually, unlike at FA or SQ.

duj 2005.08.29 - 11:16AM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
It's very hard to understand Dumbledore's decisions in PoA. First he hired as one of the school's defenders a weak-willed person who always knuckled under to the feared attacker in their past friendshuip even when he knew it was wrong. Someone who was a dangerous creature at every full moon and who had once almost killed one of his prospective colleagues. Then he refused to hear a word against him (though he was in fact betraying everyone's trust and neglecting student safety by suppressing vital information all year.) Then he suddenly decided, after Black's capture, that someone whose guilt he'd never shown any signs of doubting till then was innocent - on no evidence but the accused's own. He came to this conclusion before having spoken with Lupin, who was still running around the forest, nor with the 3 student-witnesses, who were in the infirmary. After the events of that night Snape was right to out Lupin. No responsible headmaster (Dumbledore does not fall into this category) could have continued to employ him after he had not only endangered the lives of a colleague and 3 students (and worsened matters by negligently allowing Black to continue to injure his concussed and unconscious colleague0 but he had admitted gross dereliction of duty throughout the course of the year.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, duj! Much as I love Dumbledore, I think you are right in pointing out that indeed he is far from an ideal headmaster... His motivations are not always easy to understand - but let's hope that his decision to trust Snape, at least, was justified... -S.

HumanTales 2005.07.19 - 03:53PM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
I was just reading through some old bookmarked stories in the light of HBP and found this story. It reads even more true in the light of Book 6. I'm also "friending" your LJ for new stories of yours.

Author's Response: Hi HumanTales! Thanks for letting me know. I have to confess to being rather proud of the fact that I got Snape's origins fairly right :-). And his father wasn't a dark wizard, yay!! *grins* - S.

zafania 2005.05.08 - 04:03AM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
nice analysis of severus emotions. but smoking? yuck!

Author's Response: Well, I suppose we could argue about this, but personally I prefer to think that his teeth are stained by nicotine rather than because he doesn't brush them :-). Thanks for reviewing, zafania! -S.

Amorette 2005.02.28 - 10:29PM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
Ah, excellent. Not only beautifully written, with many an evocative turn of phrase--I particularly liked the image of the Severus shaped hollow--but insighful. This is very much how I see Snape, not soft and gooey on the inside but aflame. Nicely, nicely done. Amorette

Author's Response: Yes, he's a strange one, isn't he? I'm rather fascinated by the fact that he always seems so cold but is still capable of passionate outbursts as in PoA... Thanks for reviewing! -S.

sophierom 2005.02.14 - 10:55AM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
What a brilliant look inside Snape's mind! You've managed to make him sympathetic even while maintaining his bitterness. I also love how you've reconcilled his intelligence (he knows that he's acted badly) with his emotional frailty (yet he cannot make himself feel as if he's done anything wrong; he still feels justified). Really, very nice work! Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thank you, Sophie! I enjoy writing Snape as a balancing act - I'm happy the story works for you, too. -S.

HumanTales 2005.02.11 - 10:22AM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Anonymous
Dark night of the soul, indeed. Your Snape is very much in line with canon; your look into his mind is dark, but so logical and understandable. My favorite Snape stories are those, like yours, which, without being OOC, show a sympathetic view of the man.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, HumanTales! I'm glad you like "The Dark Night" - it's my own favourite, but I think most people would regret the total lack of action :-). -S.

Vocalion 2005.02.09 - 10:39AM 1: The Dark Night of the Soul Signed
I appreciate this piece all the more having just spent the last week rereading PoA and doing timeline research at the Lexicon. Your insights into Snape's character are right on the mark. For example, this: "Everything positive in his life had its roots in his amazing capacity for deep, fierce hatred. He felt that if he were to part with it he would simply disintegrate. On the other hand, if he kept cherishing it, it was probably only a matter of time before he spontaneously self-combusted." Beautifully done, as is all your work.

Author's Response: Thank you, Vocalion! Snape's outburst in the hospital wing is most powerful and worrying, isn't it? I find it very inspiring - I hope you will, too! -S.

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