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Reviews for Alone

morgaine_dulac 2009.08.04 - 01:44PM 1: Alone Signed

Zhaneraal 2005.05.31 - 02:17PM 1: Alone Signed
Excellent, lovely and understated story. It's about time our Severus got a little peace and quiet. Quite interesting in its simplicity.

zafania 2005.03.26 - 04:40AM 1: Alone Signed
i sympathise with snape wanting to be alone, given an infinate supply of strawberries and chocolate, i could do the same. my personal record for nor leaving the house or speaking to anyone apart from the cat is 10 days. i had to go to work!

Author's Response: Mine is 15 days. I like being alone. Still, I was shocked when one of my friends called me a recluse, and I realized she was right -- I fit the definition perfectly.

Razzberry 2005.02.07 - 08:50PM 1: Alone Signed
Lovely mood. Very ambiguous, actually. It lends itself well to intepretation-- does he really want to be alone, or does he simply tell himself that is what he wants?

Kudos for not making him an angst-ridden character. It's rare to find such an honest study of his views, particularly the side of him that is rather Slytherin. There were moments when the characterization almost reminded me of Pettigrew.

Well done!


Author's Response: Thanks! I don't really like angsty!Snape, myself... I think he could have been a very different person under better circumstances, but I firmly believe that between nature (inherited from both parents) and lack of nurture, he's essentially emotional bonsai. He's so stunted and twisted from what he's had to do to survive that no one matters to him anymore but himself -- and he feels justified and entitled to life the rest of his life that way.

LariLee 2005.02.07 - 05:54PM 1: Alone Signed
Very nice character study! And Snape is perfectly IC!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked my Snape. There are so many interpretations of him out there, I always worry that my view has been influenced by all the fanfics I've read.

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