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Reviews for Yes, but...

Very Small Prophet 2012.02.04 - 01:52AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Sev, just give that arrogant, disrespectful child a good spanking. It probably won't teach her to behave decently, but at least you'll feel better.

bfminerv 2009.12.03 - 02:58AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
I love this story! Please (please!) continue, because it made my day. I particularly admire your ability to resist making their relationship cheap erotica, instead packing more punch than I thought humanly possible into nothing more than holding hands under the table! Thank you for that!! :D

facinatingsnape 2008.02.07 - 10:25AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Absolutely Excellent! Please tell me you will finish this story! It is wonderful... I am on the edge of my seat, I cannot wait to find out what happens next! Please don't make us wait much longer...

det1963 2006.09.30 - 12:42PM 1: Prologue/One Anonymous
I love your story! I am new to this site, but it is definitely the best I have read. I really, really hope you are going to finish it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Really. I have every intention of finishing this story, believe me!

wartcap 2005.09.24 - 11:20AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Love Moody hiding behind the sofa ready to Hex! Reminds me of the Pink Panther films. Good opening chapter, can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Thanks for going through and reviewing!

Teacherspet 2005.07.02 - 11:33AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Hi, I'm just starting your story and I love the idea of Snape and Tonks working together. Sort of a HP Odd Couple ( American T.V show) I almost feel sorry for Severus.

Author's Response: Welcome Teacherspet! Hope you enjoy the ride! I tend to think of them as the odd couple as well (I'm American). You're feeling sorry for Severus? Watch out, don't let him manipulate you...

famous 2005.02.08 - 06:03PM 1: Prologue/One Anonymous
haha funney

Greyfalcon 2005.02.08 - 03:49PM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Good start to the story I am looking forward to fture chapters

Laudomia 2005.02.08 - 09:11AM 1: Prologue/One Anonymous
I'm enjoying this tremendously. Tonks is my favorite female character. Though I can't see her falling for Snape, I like the idea of a partnership. Keep going! This is fun.

Author's Response: Thanks. As for the falling for Snape part, I tend to agree--unless someone happens to throw a bananna peel in her path. Then again, this is a parody...

LariLee 2005.02.07 - 05:40PM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Wonderful story with loads of humor! You've captured Tonks perfectly and I look forward to the next update.

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