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Reviews for Yes, but...

Teacherspet 2005.07.02 - 11:33AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Hi, I'm just starting your story and I love the idea of Snape and Tonks working together. Sort of a HP Odd Couple ( American T.V show) I almost feel sorry for Severus.

Author's Response: Welcome Teacherspet! Hope you enjoy the ride! I tend to think of them as the odd couple as well (I'm American). You're feeling sorry for Severus? Watch out, don't let him manipulate you...

Verity Brown 2005.07.02 - 09:11AM 7: Seven Signed
'But you got better?' Was that an intentional reference to the witch scene in Holy Grail? Whether or not, I laughed. Of course, I laughed all the way through the chapter, as usual. This chapter, in particular, played out so much like a movie that I could just see it: the dropping monocle, the Howler going off in the middle of a battle. It's too bad no one will ever film a fan-fic.
Thanks for the plug for AMA! And I'm very glad you're back. Reading this story helps keep me from sinking too far into the gloom and doom. I think my readers have noticed the effect of your absence!

Author's Response: Excellent catch, Ms. Brown! Five points to (insert name of your house here).
Surprisingly enough my next chapter might be more of a black-humor type. (Most of it waas plotted and written during the grim days earlier this month.) It'll be interesting to see what people make of it. I'm half-tempted to send it over to you to hear your response to it before I put it out for general consumption. Hmmm...

Sigune 2005.07.02 - 08:49AM 7: Seven Signed
What a refreshing combination: an Auror fight interspersed with a mother scolding-by-Howler! I've never seen anything like it before :-). I liked this - but you will give us more Snape next chapter, won't you? ;-P

Author's Response: LOTS of Snape next chapter. Sometimes several at the same time. I'll leave you to figure that one out. ;)

Greyfalcon 2005.07.02 - 08:03AM 7: Seven Signed
Another great chapter, it was very amusing to read about everyone's reaction about Snape marrying Tonks. and Avery making that remark to Tonks while fighting was priceless.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed, Greyfalcon! I thought that remark was a little canned, but I just couldn't resist...

Owlbait 2005.07.02 - 07:01AM 7: Seven Signed
Hooray, an update! You made my morning. I knew that owl wasn't coming back owl-shaped. Looking forward to Snape's plans for the libations and Gred & Forge's finger snacks!

Author's Response: Why thankya! Any chance I could could convince you to change your name to "Parrotbait?" How did you come up with that name, anway? It's really great.

TheLadyElbereth 2005.07.02 - 02:44AM 7: Seven Signed
Ooooh... I love it... It gives me tingles all over. XD

Author's Response: No, I think the tingles might be from hyperventilation... Remember to keep breathing at a regular pace, please!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.02 - 02:16AM 7: Seven Signed
This is a truely funny chapter, between the blue parrot/owl and the duel with Avery, I was rolling onn the floor laughing. I'm squeamish about SS/HG but I love SS/OC. I was sqeamish aboout SS/Student stories but Verity as changed my mind about that.

Author's Response: And the award for first Occlumency response goes to Ms. Trickie Woo! Glad you like the chapter. That was about my tenth rewrite before I felt it was good enough to send out.
I was afraid of SS/HG for a while there, too. Some authors have made it work, however. Lately I've been getting a lot of people telling me that they were afraid of SS/NT, but in my own way I'm attempting to make that pairing seem more natural. At this point, I'll settle for so unnatural it's funny, though...

Kurisutaru Yun 2005.06.18 - 03:54AM 6: Six Signed
I love the story so far. Please continue ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you. I just sent the latest chapter off to my Britpicker, so you'll be seeing it soon.

TheLadyElbereth 2005.06.16 - 01:03PM 6: Six Anonymous
I love it!! More! :D

Author's Response: I think i can handle that request. :D The latest chapeter should be appearing in a day or so.

wyrddsmith 2005.06.08 - 11:59AM 6: Six Signed
I just found this via the random search function, and wow! what a hoot! I really like the story so far, and am really looking forward to more. In particular, I love your dialog. And thanks for the glossary of british slang.

Author's Response: Score one for the random search function! Glad you enjoyed it... should I ask what you were looking for? Thanks for the dialogue complement - it really does get the bulk of my attention.

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