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Reviews for Yes, but...

mwk 2005.09.20 - 07:02PM 8: Eight Signed
You truely found funny...wickedly black humor! Thanks

Author's Response: Whohoo! Thank you!

ZahariaCelestina 2005.09.20 - 10:08AM 8: Eight Anonymous
Thanks for updating! Yes, some parts of a novel are always hard to write, for some reason, even if you perfectly know where the plot is going. Good shot on this one, though, a bit darker indeed, but still has a very definite feel that is undoubtedly *you*. Two thumbs up again, I am still enjoying this story very much and I like the very believable way their relationship is evolving. I love the image of the "Potions Master in action"... but I am a little puzzled by the fact that he only kicked off his boots before going into bed. ;o)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad that this chapter is being received well - I've had a sleepless night or two over it. Things should be a bit more chipper next chapter - but with Mr. Doom and Gloom on board, you never really know.

Oh, and as for your remark about the boots - what were you expecting?

Lydia 2005.09.20 - 09:50AM 8: Eight Anonymous
I'm so glad you updated! “If you are going to insist on being this deliberately obtuse for the duration of our marriage, I shall have to permanently drug one of us into oblivion" I love it.

Author's Response: Thanks, Lydia! Phew! I'm really glad you liked it. I think my favorite part of that particular line is that Snape's not quite certian which of them he'd rather drug into oblivion....

duj 2005.09.20 - 02:55AM 8: Eight Signed
You'd think saving Tonks' life would bring him Brownie points from all of her friends but they'll probably find a way to blame him instead.

Author's Response: Lol. And the reward for "most interesting take on the chapter" goes to Ms. Duj! It's something to think about, certainly.

lordmelkor 2005.09.14 - 07:08PM 5: Five Signed
That was hilarious. I haven't laughed till I was sick in a long time. You are the master.

Author's Response: Laughed til you were sick!? Sheesh, you're going to make me expand my disclaimer!

lordmelkor 2005.09.14 - 06:26PM 3: Three Signed
I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great. You are the master of humor.

Author's Response: Hehe. If you keep saying that it's going to go to my head.

Lydia 2005.09.05 - 02:28PM 7: Seven Signed
Yes, yes - please update -with the funny parts- soon! I love the style of your story - subtle humour and excellent characterizations for Tonks and Snape.

Author's Response: Alrighty - the new chapter is now waiting for approval. I've gotten the thumbs up saying it's now 59% funnier, so it's a go. Hopefully it'll appear soon!

amsev 2005.08.20 - 04:23AM 7: Seven Anonymous
Oh, please, oh, please update soonest. This story is EXCELLENT. Love the pairing of SS/NT, and this is just wonderfully funny!

Author's Response: I'll try, I swear! I have the next chapter written--It just seems I have to go back and put in the funny parts...

amsev 2005.08.20 - 04:17AM 6: Six Anonymous
OMG-- ROFLMAO!!! "Might even be fun, in a twisted sort of way. Like a sleepover with the git of the month." I have been snickering and snarking my way through this, but then hit that line in ch.6 and simply had to review. LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! This story is fabulously funny!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad that you decided to review - you made me smile, too.

D 2005.08.06 - 01:40AM 7: Seven Anonymous
This is a superb Snape fic! All too often I start a fic and Snape quickly becomes sugar-coated or pleasant, but here he's the greasy bastard I like to see. And the quirks between him and Tonks are fantastic. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Honestly, sugar coated Snape is just no fun to write. Well, actually, it might be interesting if somehow he was dropped into a large vat of liquid sugar (like the rock candy kind) but I seriously doubt he'd be pleasant after that experience. More coming soon, I swear!

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