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Reviews for Yes, but...

Persephone Lupin 2005.11.18 - 10:24AM 8: Eight Signed
ROFLROFLLOL, wonderful story, love the humour! Please write more soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Writing... :D

Lady Whitehart 2005.11.16 - 12:53AM 8: Eight Signed
Here's hoping things settle down for you really soon! Nothing too terrible I hope. Would it help if I sent more brownies? I promise to be patient -- no matter how hard it gets. LOL

Author's Response: No, no, nothing terrible. Things are just busy at work and school and I've got a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome to boot. I've been working on the chapter, but I don't have it in nearly good enough shape to send out yet. Thank you for your concern, though!

brooke 2005.11.09 - 08:55PM 8: Eight Signed
I have enjoyed this story and have been watching for udates for a while. Please, please, please. I am addicted to the idea of the Twins catering the wedding.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing; every review does help a little to make me feel guilty about updating so slowly. The thing is, I'm an extremely slow updater and must beg for your patience. This is a bit of a lag even for me, but I've been too busy to write lately. Hopefully things will calm down soon--I have such great ideas (and/or nefarious plots)!

Deeble 2005.11.06 - 08:34PM 8: Eight Anonymous
This is so wonderfully, insanely, intelligently funny! I'm glad Verity Brown recommended it or I might have missed it, and that would have been my loss.

Author's Response: Why thank you, Deeble (and thanks to Verity)! It means a lot to know you enjoy this since I followed What E'er Therein is Promised fairly religiously. Too bad I can't keep to your update schedule.

journeymom 2005.11.03 - 06:52PM 8: Eight Anonymous
By the way, I just wanted to say I actually like SS/NT better than SS/HG. I instantly liked Tonks when JKR introduced her. In canon she's closer in age to Snape than Hermione. She's quirky and fun and she's an auror, so she's cool. Honestly, you could specialize in Snape/Tonks and I'd be quite happy! Just thought I'd throw that out there!

Author's Response: Aww, that's sweet! I could specialize in Snape/Tonks stories, but it'd be a very slow-moving ship, I'm afraid.

Honestly, though, the thing I think makes SS/NT ever-so-slightly better than SS/HG right now is that anyone who writes SS/NT has to prove it--by which I mean that the writer remembers that they should probably expend some effort to make the progression of the relationship believable. SS/HG is fanon, and I find many lazy writers tend to assume the relationship is both natural and inevitable without showing the reader why. (The other reason SS/NT is better, of course, is Tonks is much more fun.) But enough theory, I suppose!

sinaz0211 2005.10.12 - 06:04PM 8: Eight Signed
Strangely, after this chapter, the two seem more suited for each other. Tonks won the battle, and, more importantly, helped Snape diagnose her poisoning. Snape, for his part, was more interested in finding an antidote than in responding to her "stupid, bloody, evil git" remarks. Mutual respect has leveled their relationship. Good for you! By the way, I've stayed away from the S/T pairings in the past...I think because of Tonks in book 6. But she's wickedly funny, just enough off-kilter to be a match for our potions master. Bring more soon, please.

Author's Response: You know, I love it when reviewers say things like this--it makes me feel like I'm doing my job.

I'm not sure either of the characters would admit to mutual respect, per se, but perhaps their interests are aligned somewhat.

After Book 6, I had an almost uncontrollable urge to start a dark SS/NT/RL story, by the way. I thought that the spat Snape and Tonks had at the beginning of the book could be twisted into indicating that they'd had a relationship gone sour and that Snape was jealous of Lupin. To make a long story short, however, I decided I'd better finish this fic first.

sinaz0211 2005.10.12 - 12:46AM 3: Three Signed
It's fun to watch Snape verbally twist and turn to wriggle out of his situation. Pinned! And Phineaus at the end was a great finish! On to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Muahaha! Glad you enjoyed, and I think your metaphor was very asp--I mean apt. :-D

journeymom 2005.09.25 - 05:13AM 8: Eight Signed
Is...is there more to come? Please tell me there's more. That was wonderfully well done and funny. I await the next chapter impatiently.

Author's Response: Of course there's more to come; I just updated, silly. I'm glad you liked it, but you should probably await the next chapter patiently; I'm a slow updater.

gardengrrl13 2005.09.24 - 10:28PM 8: Eight Anonymous
And utter hillarity ensues. This story is priceless, and I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you update soon... I enjoy choking on my beverage while reading your wit and wisdom. Cheers!

Author's Response: *sound of head hitting computer screen* Why is it that my reviewers feel compelled to injure themselves when reading this story!? Yikes, I'm really going to have to add a disclaimer about that again, aren't I?

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it, and please be careful. I'd like to see you live to see the next chapter.

wartcap 2005.09.24 - 03:34PM 5: Five Signed
Very funny chapter, I laughed so much! I am really enjoying this story, I'm being drawn in nicely and loving your Snape!

Author's Response: Thanks, Helen!

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