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Reviews for Yes, but...

Verity Brown 2006.01.31 - 11:42PM 9: Nine Signed
This story will always be one of my favorites! No matter how slowly you update. And I love getting to read the various versions, watching each chapter evolve into the hilarious end result that everyone else sees. My favorite line in this chapter: “I suppose ‘gimme the blasted tea, you bugger’ is out of the question then?” But there are a lot of close runners-up, like: "You’re blackmailing me to marry you so you can ally yourself with the Black family" and “Really, my boy, you have nothing to worry about. You still have your equipment, after all.” :~D And the pet-name war at the end was delightful. The Ministry won't know what hit them.

Author's Response: Re: "You’re blackmailing me to marry you so you can ally yourself with the Black family"

No clue why you'd like that one in particular. :D

I'm really glad you like watching the evolution. I don't know if everyone else here quite gets it, but if I didn't have your input, this story wouldn't be what it is.

Lady Whitehart 2006.01.31 - 11:22PM 9: Nine Signed
*Takes fresh batch of brownies out of the oven and arranges flowers* Thank you for updating this! We know you would never abandon a wonderfully hilarious story unless you were... nevermind. The interplay between Snape and Tonks was so very IC. Can't wait to see how they are going to convince the Ministry that they are a 'loving couple.' Does the answer lie inside a jar of powdered pearl?

Author's Response: LOL - Warty was sending flowers for my funeral. Hopefully yours aren't for the same reason!

What jar of powdered pearl?

Owlbait 2006.01.31 - 09:45PM 9: Nine Signed
This chapter was so worth waiting for. I was in hysterics from the first line through the last. Thank you!

Author's Response: Awesome! You're welcome! Thank you!

Deeble 2006.01.31 - 08:10PM 9: Nine Signed
Hooray! Worth the wait. The opening line alone was priceless.

Author's Response: Phew. I'm both surprised and delighted that the wait didn't scare you away. Yay!

Nancy_Dancehall 2006.01.31 - 04:11PM 9: Nine Signed
Snort, chuckle...stick and starfish!...snort. This is quite funny. The characterizations are brilliant and snappy. Good job.

Author's Response: Glad you're liking :D I read through the list of Quidditch moves and many of them were just too good to resist.

Trickie Woo 2006.01.31 - 03:34PM 9: Nine Signed
I love that first sentence, it's priceless. So was your description of how he awakens in the morning. His inner Dumbledore is a bit of a dirty old man with his double entendres in Quidditch terms. But your Snape shows such modesty, not like the usual arrogant sex god he's described as being in other stories. I agree with him, he's just not the Tom Hanks type, he'd never fit in "You've Got Mail" or "The Little Shop Around the Corner" and he'd be an even poorer match with "Sleepless in Seattle". You even had her watch "My Man Godfrey", now I'm trying to picture Tonks as Carole Lombard. You must be a fan of old movies, you seem to like the screwball comedies as much as Vocalion does and I do. Even their breakfast banter could come from a Carole Lombard or Irene Dunne movie, I especially liked the double meaning she put into her response to the 'can't wrap your mouth around it' bit. I have one complaint, why did you use "Seeing as you insist on having a big wedding" when "Since you insist on having a big wedding" would be more correct and much more likely to be the term Snape would use? I have a vendetta against "seeing as", it always sounds like a Valley Girl term to me. What can we do to make you a faster updater, 4 months is far too long to wait for an update? It makes me tempted to read a chapter and then post a review a few months later.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the long and very thoughtful review! Yes, I think the sex god Snape's ridiculous. Cannon Snape seems more like an insecure prude to me.

Screwball comedies - yep, I'm a fan. And you're right, even the most crotchety variation of the Tom Hanks type wouldn't cover Snapikins.

"Seeing as" - Hrm, will replace.

Making me a faster updater? Well, you'd have to take into account that this past semester I worked, had school, got carpal tunnel, won a mock trial, and then there was Christmas, where almost all of my family got their gifts on time. I was then sick for 3/4 of the month of January. This semester promises to be slightly less hectic. Also, a major problem I ran into for this chapter was dealing with the repercussions from the previous chapter. Eight was not anticipated. I woudn't give it up, but It threw me for a bit of a loop. This chapter put me back on track, though.

(Please don't wait a month to review!)

AmandaB 2006.01.31 - 03:30PM 9: Nine Anonymous
Any time I think of Snape and Tonks together, it's funny, because I can't think of two people who are more opposed in character and personality to each other. Thanks for making me laugh, and I'm glad they are still in character. Will they both survive the wedding without killing the other? I hope so...

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying the odd couple's interplay. That's the reason I threw them together in the first place, but oddly enough I've run into a few occasions where they insist upon agreeing. This might prove to be unfortunate for the Ministry.

Saysha 2006.01.31 - 03:16PM 9: Nine Anonymous
I really, really need to stop reading this story in class. It's too hopelessly funny, and I keep on laughing at inopportune moments. Brilliant, hysterical, and surprisingly in-character. I can't wait until the wedding.

Author's Response: Muahaha! Excellent... I love being a remote disruption in class!

villarosso 2005.12.30 - 02:36PM 8: Eight Anonymous
Definitely made me laugh. Finally no hopeless drivel concerning this marriage law thing. Snape hung like a mountain troll had me laughing out loud.

Author's Response: Hrm, I tend to think I'm quite hopeless, and there've been a few moments when I thought my writing was drivel, but I'm glad you're liking the story. :D Welcome aboard.

Sekh 2005.12.03 - 10:13PM 8: Eight Anonymous
Still love it! Keep it coming...please?? :D

Author's Response: Glad you're still here. How's a week or so sound?

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