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Reviews for Yes, but...

Lal Janeway 2017.09.08 - 11:48AM 15: Fourteen Signed
this is fantastic,please update soon

Very Small Prophet 2012.02.04 - 01:52AM 1: Prologue/One Signed
Sev, just give that arrogant, disrespectful child a good spanking. It probably won't teach her to behave decently, but at least you'll feel better.

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 09:53PM 13: Twelve Signed
When will you update? I wanna see the sex scenes, I wanna, i wanna, i wanna!

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 09:41PM 11: Eleven Signed
This makes me truly laugh aloud! Good stuff.

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 09:30PM 10: Ten Signed
Love it. love it. love it!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 08:51PM 9: Nine Signed
I love the way you started this chapter; She awoke with a jerk literally & figuratively. LOL . Then you put in a sly fellatio joke. Very nice. Me likey naughty Snapey!

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 08:11PM 8: Eight Signed

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 07:42PM 5: Five Signed
I love it, i love it, i love it! But I would have HANDLED him differently. As would all Snape fangirls... You are very funny & a damn good writer. And thanx for the British lessons at the end...

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 07:12PM 4: Four Signed
Oh My Merlin! How delightful! But I want him! I guaran-double-tee you that I'd make him happier than her!!! XD XD

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 06:59PM 3: Three Signed
Here, plot bunny! Here's some din-din! Oh my Lord this is good, funny where it needs to be. Can this Muggle volunteer to marry Severus? This is the best 'marriage law' one yet!!!!! XD XD

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