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Reviews for The Tunnel

duj 2017.04.25 - 08:52PM 1: The Tunnel Signed
I'm surprised that I never re-read my review and your answer till now. If I had, I would certainly have pointed out that teen-Lupin is complicit before the fact with anything his fellow-Marauders might do with their forbidden knowledge, which (as he knows) they are using for criminal activities. I think he's very much to blame for that incident, whether he was in on the planning (which I now believe) or not.

duj 2005.08.29 - 10:56AM 1: The Tunnel Signed
Great fic. Snape was so badly treated in PoA I can't read it without cringing. And it burns me up that almost everyone is blind to Lupin's criminal reticence which actually amounts to being an accessory before the fact. He believed Black to be a mass-murderer intent on killing Harry yet he suppressed not only Black's animagus abilities (which would have meant admitting that he'd betrayed Dumbledore's trust) but his somewhat more innocent knowledge of the routes and existence of secret passages giving Black unimpeded access to the school. And even when he confiscated the Marauders' Map he didn't share the information and surveillance opportunities; obviously he was more keen on being able to send Sirius away to safety than on protecting Harry.

Author's Response: Lupin's role and actions remain puzzling, and I'm inclined to think he is a greater liability to the Order's activities than Snape is. At least Snape reasons logically (most of the time *grins*), but Lupin? You never can predict his actions. I wonder about him. But in the Tunnel affair he is not, I think, to blame - for once :-). Thanks for reviewing! -S.

Grainne 2005.04.07 - 03:07PM 1: The Tunnel Signed
One of the most powerful explorations of Snape's character that I have ever read. Brava! I simply love love love the way you give us these bits woven in and around canon--you excel at depicting canon moments from Snape's point of view and showing his utter humanity. Thank you for such lovely work.

Author's Response: We aim to please ;)... Snape's humanity and fallability are, as far as I am concerned, his chief attractions, so I love to dramatise them. Thanks for reviewing, Grainne! -S.

Vocalion 2005.02.26 - 09:04PM 1: The Tunnel Signed
It would be difficult for me to pick a favorite among your stories, but this must rank very high on the list. "The Tunnel" deserves to be here, on the Featured Stories page. I'm sorry that it took me so long to get around to reviewing it. "They crossed the sloping lawn in seconds: terror gave them wings." That line expressed so much with an economy of words, but there were excellent lines throughout. I must add this to my Favorites list.

Author's Response: Thanks for adding this to your favourites, Vocalion! I have a special tie with this story because somehow it wrote itself; I'm always delighted to find someone who empathises with it. -S.

Horserider 2005.02.02 - 06:03PM 1: The Tunnel Signed
Very nice, one of those much-appreciated fillers for holes in canon. Hope to read more from you! :) ~HR

Author's Response: Thanks! And I hope to write more for you :-). -S.

LariLee 2005.02.02 - 04:24PM 1: The Tunnel Signed
Amazing! Your stories read as Canon. Another excellent job!

Author's Response: *grins* (again - I'm making a habit of it, it seems). Thank you, Lisa! -S.

winna 2005.02.02 - 10:34AM 1: The Tunnel Signed
And that is why Snape has been my favorite character since PoA. Great story!

Author's Response: That's funny - a great many Snape fans were rather shocked at his behaviour, instead of becoming more supportive. But I'm on your side. -S.

CareCrystal 2005.02.02 - 09:52AM 1: The Tunnel Signed
Very nicely done, with a strong ring of truth that helps give insight and depth into Snape's character. What more can you ask from a fic?

Author's Response: I'm happy to oblige, if I can. Thanks for reviewing, CareCrystal! -S.

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