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Reviews for Bound By The Moon

duj 2014.07.08 - 09:28AM 9: Regrets, Recriminations, and the Quest for Answers Signed
Enjoyable story. But this sort of experience is what Pensieves are for, isn't it? No need to rush to put down what he can remember; he could study the book at his leisure...

Author's Response: Very true. :D Thanks!

T.J. 2006.09.04 - 08:22PM 7: Salazar Slytherin's Castle Anonymous
This was a wonderous tale filled with new spells . It was a great add- on to the Harry Potter series.

phoenix 2005.04.20 - 02:52PM 9: Regrets, Recriminations, and the Quest for Answers Signed
Excellent job. I love the odd travelling companions the two of them made. A very engrossing story as I just read it start to finish. Off to check out the sequel. :)

phoenix 2005.04.20 - 01:04PM 2: Salazar Slytherin's Library Signed
It's off to a nice start. You've done a wonderful job capturing Severus. I really enjoy all his verbal sparring, especially with Lupin. And you've definitely captured his twisted sense of humor. I loved the part about trying to decide on slamming the door or fulfilling curiosity and deciding he really could have both if he wanted.

Wolf Moonshadow 2004.12.08 - 09:25PM 1: An Impossible Quest Signed
Two of my favorite characters in one story! How did I miss this? Now I must run off and read!

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 08:55PM 9: Regrets, Recriminations, and the Quest for Answers Anonymous
excellant story.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 08:44PM 6: The Silver Serpent Anonymous
nice reference to the idea that Snape looks like a vampire.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 08:39PM 5: Looking Out Through the Eyes of a Wolf Anonymous
The idea that man and wolf are one and the same is intriguing. Therefore curing a werewolf of his wolf half may not be the way to go. It's an idea that I had for part of my fiction unposted as of yet. I like the way you present it.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 07:25PM 4: Under Cover of Darkness Anonymous
I love the dialogue between Remus and Severus. Amusing chapter.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 07:19PM 3: The Waning Moon Anonymous
Snape at his craftiest.

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