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Reviews for Selene

SataiDelenn 2012.02.21 - 02:14AM 4: A Time of Many Things Signed
While I find the story line intruiging, and the characters engaging, the poor grammar and spelling are truly starting to aggravate me. PLEASE consider getting a beta to look over your work and correct the many mistakes I've come across thus far.

darkdesire 2008.02.02 - 05:39PM 7: Communication Signed
I'm quite curious to see where this goes. Please update soon.

Cookies 2005.04.18 - 05:35PM 1: Severus Signed
Hey Jennifer...why does it say her muggle grandfather attended Hogwarts? Isnt he a muggle, not a wizard?

Author's Response: It does not say anything about her grandfather attending Hogwarts... All the story has mentioned about her family is that her father received his Hogwarts letter early...Thanks for R&R... ~*~ Agalia~*~

niklars 2005.04.06 - 04:03PM 6: Work Signed
Severus in the muggle world? Working? I like it. It's a new side to Severus and I like to get to know as many sides of him as possible ;). Looking forward to the rest of your story.

Author's Response: Hehe... I like the image of Severus wearing black dress pants and a black buttonup shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his biceps...hair pulled back in a pony... looking like a member of the mob...working in a bar... Dark, mysterious, and brooding... YUMMIE! Thanks for reviewing! ~*~ Agalia~*~

Grey_Eminence 2005.03.30 - 02:52PM 6: Work Signed
I like this story! Seems to me that Selene has enough of temperament to keep Snape amused and even in his place at times... Oh, and I guess Mel got the job purely on talent, right...? I'm lokking forward to their exchanges...

Author's Response: Talent...right...not really musical talent though. Selene has a hot temper. Mel is a doormat. And Snape doesn't know what he is getting into. Thanks for reviewing! ~*~Agalia~*~

Sniv 2005.02.12 - 11:59AM 5: Being Muggle Signed
Interesting...so Snape got a job? lol...cant wait to see how that goes...and yes now we know a bit more about Jones...I really dont like the guy from what Selene has experienced :-/ Poor girl...

Author's Response: Glad you like the story. Jones being evil is half the point... Thanks for the review! ~*~ Agalia~*~

LariLee 2005.02.06 - 12:58PM 4: A Time of Many Things Signed
Kudos for using "Desperado"! I've always thought that song summed up Snape very nicely and you used it well. However, it seems to me the writing style of this chapter has changed a bit from previous chapters. I'm wondering why thoughts are in bold, instead of italics. I admit, that threw me for a minute. Also, Firewhisky should be capitalized as it is a name-brand. Do you have a Beta for your work? I noticed a problem with omissions (ie. I have taken entirely too time I assume that was meant to be "too much time"). You might want to consider one who knows about canon spellings. Nice job!

Author's Response: I have a beta; but even the best miss things. As far as the format goes... another site I post at didn't like the story being in bold and the thought not. Thanks for reading and reviewing ~*~ agalia~*~

Sniv 2005.02.06 - 07:06AM 4: A Time of Many Things Signed
What is going on? Who is that letter from, well Jones but who is Jones....??? Wonder what will happen the next day and what about Snape and that letter...Hmm very good!!!

Sniv 2005.02.04 - 03:21PM 1: Severus Signed
LOL Oh I see! Great!!! :-D

Sniv 2005.02.03 - 08:37AM 3: A New Beginning Signed
Ok so she is actually somehow able to (almost) read minds??? Im glad that Snape is settled...And I cant wait for more...its promising! :-)

Author's Response: Almost..~wink~... Snape thinks she is reading her mind... She thinks she is being polite and answering everything both being asked... Thanks for R&R! ~*~Agalia~*~

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