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Reviews for This Flesh Is Only Flesh

morgaine_dulac 2014.02.25 - 04:59AM 1: One Shot Signed
Oh my!

Dawny 2006.03.06 - 11:14AM 1: One Shot Signed
Oh, I enjoyed this one-shot...very forlorn in a way. I like how it ended with Trelawney's thoughts...

greenwood 2005.06.30 - 05:15PM 1: One Shot Signed
Wow was this hot or what! I just loved your mind banter back and forth where one would complete the others thoughts. I have not seen a Lucretia/ Severus before (most likely because we don't know much about her). Very well written indeed.

Melpomene Erato 2005.01.24 - 08:43AM 1: One Shot Signed
Enjoyed it very much. I thought for sure she going going to kill him after the encounter when she said "I'm going to f*** YOU!" Still the ending is sad, though.

paulined 2005.01.23 - 10:27PM 1: One Shot Signed
Powerful and lyrical. Well done!!

jh_wheatley 2005.01.23 - 10:52AM 1: One Shot Signed
a lovely piece, almost cylic with its beginning and returning to Trelawney and the werewolf's scream. I would love to see what happens when Severus and Lucretia see eachother in the morning.

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