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Reviews for Of Friend And Foe

Lola Weasley 2005.04.17 - 09:43PM 1: 1 Anonymous
"Severus undertook everything asked of him with the malevolence of a true Death Eater. Torturing, raping, killing; he delivered the Cruciatus to one of his own students with such deadly precision the boy would never speak again. It was almost like he was mocking us for doubting him." That is an awesome quote!!! I absolutely love your writing!!!

Hemlock 2005.01.24 - 02:17AM 1: 1 Anonymous
You did it! You managed to write Lucius! Congrats! I really liked this,and Im not just saying that so you email soon... hehe. No, I had to write this here, because I thought it was so good. One thing... Sev seems like he's on his last legs already. His fight is flagging from the beginning.. I'd like to know how Lucius got his grubby little hands on Sev in the first place.

June 2005.01.22 - 07:06PM 1: 1 Anonymous
What do you mean, "Completed: Yes:"???? Go back to your keyboard and write another chapter!!! Must rescue Severus and beat up Lucius and Crabbe (or kill them). You canNOT leave Severus hanging at Lucius' control!!!

Author's Response: Mwahahahahahaha ::insert evil 'I am author. I am God' laugh::: But he wasn't hanging! He was on the floor! lol. Don't tempt me to continue this or I might hurt poor Severus even more!

EXECUTR 2005.01.22 - 02:22PM 1: 1 Signed
O.K. not bad, but Harry or Hermione or some Order member really needs to come along and rescue poor Sev here. (At the least, an attempted rescue.)

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