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Reviews for The Good-Morrow

Cuthalion 2007.11.10 - 07:09PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
Absoluteöy clever and believable... and delightfully in character. I honestly admire your quiet, secure use of images and thoughts - one of the best Snape-stories I've seen so far. Bravo. Cúthalion

Faraday 2007.05.08 - 08:10AM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
Wonderful writing...I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! -S.

tei hakuto 2005.10.29 - 03:27AM 1: The Good-Morrow Anonymous
One would like to wonder who is the woman he's with, and admittedly I have a few guesses. But I would believe it's better to leave the mystery on. I truly like it: there's no outward show of his personality but is subtly reminded of what he's capable of ^_^

Author's Response: I originally intended to mention her name, but in the end decided against it - it seemed superfluous :-). I'm glad you liked what I did. Thanks for reviewing, tei hakuto! -S.

lunafish 2005.10.19 - 10:35PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
I don’t remember if I reviewed this story before, but I had to revisit it after your latest LJ post. Whew. I can definitely see the potential for the original fiction your friend mentioned, as the character in this story (though recognizably and completely Snape in this context) is so beautifully fleshed out and explored that he is so much more than Snape in HP. And your OC through his eyes is truly magnificent. I particularly like his vision of her as “absences.” For a man so filled with acid as he sometimes seems to be, such a relationship might be the perfect “antacid.” That line, “So she has told him she prefers him speechless” is classic; how else could one deal with a man whose “words are daggers always”? They complement each other perfectly. My next favorite section was Snape’s vision of the two of them 100 years in the future. How funny that he can look at himself and her and see true. I could very well see them “as caricatures of their younger selves, haunt[ing] the nightmares of innocent little children together and tak[ing] pleasure from it.” Believe me, you need NOT ever feel embarrassed over this story. Though there is romance, it’s a romance with intelligence and wit. And though the story stands proudly on its own, I have to say that rereading this story after learning more about it on your LJ has made it even better!

Author's Response: Now you've made *me* speechless ;-). Thanks so much, lunafish - this review makes me really very happy! -S.

SutaraNordea 2005.07.02 - 12:08PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
I usually don't review because I never know what to say but I feel I have to. This is so sweet, for once Snape is not with some perfect little twit or barely 18 year old girl. Although we love those stories here this one is a nice break from all that. I loved it Thank You

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know, SutaraNordea - it is much appreciated. I wanted to write a different kind of ship, and it's good to hear you liked it! -S.

Grainne 2005.04.07 - 02:29PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
This is simply gorgeous--elegant, mature writing; fascinating characterization. Vocalion recommended your works to me; she has never pointed me wrong yet, and I look forward to reading more of them! At the risk of gushing too much, I must also say that I love your artwork. I see that you were standing front-and-center when the gods were handing out the talents!

Author's Response: Goody, Grainne, that's a lot of praise :)... Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you enjoy the other stories... -S.

Tarah_Fae 2005.03.05 - 02:33PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
What a powerful piece of writing. There is affection, but not really. I am in love with your style.

Author's Response: *blush* Thank you, Tarah_Fae! I still think Snape and love are an unusual combination, so I tried to keep a brittle balance. - S.

tisasil 2005.02.13 - 01:11PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
I find this a vey interesting and unusual approach. I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, tisasil! - S.

Vocalion 2005.01.20 - 04:43PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
Quite different, and interesting. It leaves me with more questions, rather than providing answers. Everything you write seems to beg for a continuation. Who IS this woman? "So she has told him she prefers him speechless, but will make occasional allowance for mild irony." I liked that very much. Also, "He is ready to bet that in a hundred years or so she will look exactly like the witch from Hansel and Gretel, or from Rapunzel, or any other of those ghastly crones that peopled the gruesome bedtime stories of his childhood days. This is very well; by that time he will be a decrepit old Dark wizard with cruel eyes and claw-like fingers and they will, as caricatures of their younger selves, haunt the nightmares of innocent little children together and take pleasure from it." Excellent work, Sigune.

Author's Response: Thank you, Vocalion! You know, she does have a name and a history and everything, but I still suffer from Original Female Character Insecurity, so I don't dare to promise any continuations... I'll disclose one thing: she's the Broomstick Girl. -S.

Silverthreads 2005.01.20 - 04:39PM 1: The Good-Morrow Signed
Interesting vignette.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Silverthreads! -S.

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