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Reviews for He Who Laughs Last

Budgie 2009.11.16 - 03:09PM 1: none Signed
It's poetic justice indeed, that Severus get's to celebrate Black's death. I never liked Black in canon all that much, especially after the revelation of what the hailed Marauder's did to Severus when they went to school. However, I agree that Lupin's the worst one. Potter and Black were bullies with no understanding of right and wrong, and who tought everybody should bow down to them. Pettigrew were simply spineless - how he ever ended up in Gryffindor is beyond me, unless it's for their bigoted prejudice against everyone but their own house? Lupin, however, knew better, but was too weak to stand up to his friends for what he believe in. Okay, he might have a small justification in that he was afraid they'd tattle his rather big secret, but that's still a pathetic excuse. It'd been better for everyone if he'd done what his conscience - not to mention duty, considering he was a prefect - demanded of him and stopped his friends. After all, had he not ended up in Gryffindor he might very well have been the victim of the Golden Gryffindors. It's a shame Severus dies in canon before he has the satisfaction of toasting the deaths of all four Marauders. A bit harsh, I know, but I truly detest people who gang up on others, whether they participate or simply watches, and if the Marauders hadn't pushed Severus so far, he would never have sought out Voldemort and his ilk, and would have had a different life without so much misery...

smurfette007 2008.08.01 - 09:08PM 1: none Signed
That was very satisfying and very much how I picture Snape. Great little story.

Author's Response: thank you. :)

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 02:36PM 1: none Signed
Talk about purging some demons. Well-written, and apparently well-thought out.

Vorona 2006.03.25 - 03:22AM 1: none Signed
This was excellent! He said so many things I wish he would actually say in the books, though I doubt J. K. will let him.

duj 2005.10.02 - 02:14AM 1: none Signed
Yay, Snape, what satisfaction for him. I'm still a Snape-fan after HBP and I think he has every right to his gloating. Of course, it's not very nice but no one ever said Snape was nice. Pity he's headed for an even worse fate, forced into a corner where he has to give up everything and stay deep undercover behind enemy lines, probably only to get killed before he can be exonerated. To my mind, Lupin was worse as an adult than as a teen. Yes, yes, pleasant, friendly, likable, all the things Snape never was - including weak-willed and negligent. For a whole year he kept silent as a crazed killer (to the best of his knowledge) targeted the students under his care. Not only did he conceal Sirius's animagus abilities, which would have incriminated himself, but even the existence and whereabouts of secret passages, which would not. (There's no doubt he concealed the latter because otherwise Snape, one of the school's primary defenders, would have known why Harry was loitering next to the entrance of one. For that matter, even such a careless head as Dumbledore would surely have blocked or warded them so they couldn't be used.) Indefensible.

LOL 2005.05.11 - 09:01AM 1: none Anonymous
This is almost exactly what I pictured Sev's reaction to be!

lesiaf 2005.03.29 - 12:21AM 1: none Anonymous
l liked it a lot!

Vocalion 2004.12.01 - 09:47AM 1: none Signed
This is an excellent example of how to write a one shot: You have managed to convey so much in so few words. Your insights into the Marauders were perfect. A flawless piece, enhanced by the visual of Snape and his indoor Snitch. Favorite line: "I thought you only acted like an ignorant animal. I never dreamed that you actually were one." Bravo for that line alone, and for everything else, as well!

June W 2004.09.22 - 02:36PM 1: none Anonymous
Very well done. I think Snape was actually a bit restrained, not mentioning the Whomping Willow incident and how he almost died because of Sirius.

Imperio 2004.08.18 - 09:45AM 1: none Anonymous
You are a genious. Incredibly amazing story. *grabs a brandy aswell* Thanks for the wicked laugh.

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