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Reviews for No Turning Back

ccognett 2012.09.21 - 03:05PM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
fun story. Thanks for sharing!

Overhill 2009.03.31 - 01:31AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Well, it's 2009, and we know now about the Lily/Severus/Petunia childhood. While this story is now AU, I do think that if Severus had shown up at Petunia's house at the same spot on the time line for the same reasons, that things might not be so different. He'd know how to use the phone (and he might have to, to avoid his Patronius from being spotted), but he'd still be sneering at Petunia, snarling at Vernon, and making himself a sandwich! Thanks for a fun read!

Verity Brown 2005.04.10 - 06:33PM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
A wizard trying to use a telephone is always a good one, and when it's Snape, it's even funnier. Although I like the fact that's a young Snape--somehow I think the older Snape would say "screw this" rather than embarrass himself this way. Your young Snape is a really sympathetic character. I'd actually like to see more of this time period from you.

Author's Response: I'm busy with my long fic these days and don't have anything from this time period planned right now, but who knows? And I tried to make him a younger version of his canon self, making him look more rashly impulsive, and yet less set in his ways. And raiding the refrigerator was both an excuse for his interaction with another Muggle device as well as authentic young man behaviour.

sophierom 2005.02.21 - 11:30AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
This was great. I'm very impressed with the way that you could make such a stressful scene humorous and full of tension at the same time. Your characterization of Snape is great. I love that, even as he's falling apart physically, he still manages his sardonic quips. :-) Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thanks, Sophie. I originally conceived this as a strictly humorous one-shot, but then it took a dark turn on me, and got a lot longer. But to me, no matter how dark it gets, he still has a sense of humour.

Horserider 2005.01.25 - 03:22AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Anonymous
LOL! That was great! I did so enjoy seeing a younger Snape bully Vernon about! I dream of JKR letting him go pick Harry up at the beginning of HBP and having him take on Vernon with his usual *diplomacy*. ;) And him trying to use the telephone was the icing on the cake! ~HR

Author's Response: I hope for that too, though it's more likely Harry will be picked up by at least some of the same members of the Order who dropped him off at the end of OoP. I originally conceived this story as a straight comedy, but I couldn't think of a frivolous reason for Snape to visit a Muggle house.

Feather Quill 2005.01.24 - 08:26AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Wow. I really enjoyed this. Fics about the Dursleys are few and far between, but usually fun, and this one was amusing and drartic at the same time.

Author's Response: Thanks! I always liked the "Snape visits the Dursleys" plot bunny because it's a clash between the two most arrogant, opinionated members of their respective societies. And it's funny.

HumanTales 2005.01.21 - 09:19AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Poor Snape. Forced to rely on the Dursleys for help in protecting her sister and family. (Cold as a dungeon in this thing. *snicker*)

Author's Response: Yes, his predicament is bad enough, without having to go to Muggles for help.

winna 2005.01.21 - 08:22AM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Very good story! I like Snape's dilemma of how to use a telephone, and it even seems logical that he'd turn to the only Muggle family he's ever heard about. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. It was important to me to come up with a good reason for him to be at the Dursleys.

aerynfire 2005.01.20 - 07:53PM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Ah...interesting! :) I like! Really! This was quite good...and Snape and the refidgerator and the telephone connundrums were super. Also...still like how you captured Petunia. Great work! ~Aeryn

Author's Response: Thanks. Everybody seems to enjoy the odd helplessness of wizards in the Muggle world.

Stella Stargazer 2005.01.20 - 07:40PM 2: The Wizard Point of View Signed
Greatly enjoyed this....but it's far too short! I liked your take on a younger Snape and the idea of him actually dealing with the Dursleys is delicious.

Author's Response: I tried to make him sort of immature, while keeping him I/C. And basically, this is backstory for a longer fic.

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