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Reviews for The Silver Potion

adelgado 2011.06.06 - 11:59PM 2: Part Two Signed
Loved it.

June W 2011.02.05 - 07:51AM 2: Part Two Signed
I adore this story! I've read it many times and always enjoy the characterizations and the potions magic. Neville shines in it, and the potion's effects on Snape are as horrifying as watching (movie) Benjamin Button de-age, unable to stop the process. Yes, I too would have cuddled baby Snape. And I would slapped that hussy Pansy for kissing teen-Snape... grrr... Thank you for writing this!

DeengoBlue 2007.10.19 - 06:02AM 2: Part Two Anonymous
That certainly was a fun read. You did a rather good job of portraying Snape's utter horror, disgrace, and frustration at the events. Not to mention Neville's.

Author's Response: Thank you! (And sorry for taking so long to reply.) I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Sylvia Linslade 2007.08.05 - 11:49PM 2: Part Two Signed
I had no idea it was possible to write a snarky toddler who is frustrated with others' denseness, but apparently it is. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! (And sorry for taking so long to reply.) I had fun trying to make him seem believably a baby yet still himself.

Aurora Greyeyes 2007.07.25 - 07:13PM 2: Part Two Signed
I love how you ended this...Neville and Pansy. It was mean and nasty for him to give him detention but right Slytherin to set Pansy up. This is a very interesting idea, and I really like how you treated it. I can't imagne how terrible this would be for someone like Snape so independant to be forced to rely on others.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. (Sorry for taking so long to reply.) It was fun to try to keep things fairly light and amusing while still showing that this situation was a dire thing for Snape.

Tai 2007.06.11 - 07:06PM 2: Part Two Anonymous
Oh I so enjoyed this story! I think you had Severus and Neville perfectlly down pat. The other characters too. The words Sev said to Nev in the end were both insightful and not of the bat. So, is he gonna be playing matchmaker? *Eg*

Author's Response: Thank you so much! (And sorry for taking so long to reply.) The intention when I wrote the story was that yes, Snape was going to play matchmaker, but I guess JKR has shot that down. :-)

Faraday 2007.06.10 - 08:27AM 2: Part Two Signed
I enjoyed this. Very sweet and well put together

Author's Response: Thank you! (And sorry for taking so long to reply.) I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the story.

memory 2006.08.11 - 03:18AM 1: Part 1 Anonymous
Hi from Italy again, Mouse aka Jen! I've read for the million time this story, that keeps being my ultra-extra favorite... How I like Snape and his broken voice, Dumbledore kindness, his paternal mood and the "dry, whiskery, old man's kiss" he gives Severus, Hermione holding baby Snape in her arms, Neville being finally "backboned" as he deserves to be portrayed!!! I MUST leave a second review and ask you: When, please, when are you going to give us another spectacular story like this? Please please pretty please, let it be soon! Thanks in advance. With admiration. Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Hi Mariaemilia, Ooh, now I feel bad. This is such a wonderful review, but I'm afraid I've pretty much stopped writing fanfiction for a little while. I'm (*blush*) trying to write original fiction right now, and find that I can't get passionate about my own characters if I'm too passionate about Snape. I hope to write more fanfiction in the future, but I won't do so until after I'm done my current WIP, and that's likely to be several months still.

I'm sorry! This really is such a kind review; I hate to disappoint you. :-(

Yours, mouse

Mallorn 2006.06.24 - 03:09PM 2: Part Two Signed
Thank you for this unique story. What I think I liked the most, in addition to how you write Snape, is that I never felt entirely sure of the ending. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! And thanks also for letting me know what worked well with the story; that's very valuable information to a writer seeking to improve! :D

abbi cee 2006.06.02 - 03:05PM 2: Part Two Signed
It was late at night and before bed I was just randomly following various inks when one led me to one of your stories, Faint Hope, which I really enjoyed and that, of course, led me to your other stories and, thus, to this one. I have a fondness for Snape deaged stories and this was such a treat. I love how Snape kept his Snapishness even as an infant. I love how Neville kept at things when a weaker boy might have turned tail and run. I really love how Hermione, while still smart, wasn't the know-it-all who saved the day. This story is definitly going into my favorites folder. In fact, I think many of your stories are going to make it there. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! What a lovely review! I'm very glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you so much for telling me what you liked about it. :-D

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