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Reviews for The Birthday Party

vampkestrel 2011.12.10 - 01:16AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
that was too cute I would love to read a follow up fic. the part with the stuffed dog had me rolling

tangerine dream 2011.04.01 - 02:52PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Very fun!!

Chalice_Wintershade 2006.05.01 - 07:54PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
my fav. scene had to be with the stuffed dog. :D Poor Hagrid can be so slow on the uptake sometimes. :D

Author's Response: Oh, you gotta love the poor dear. LOL! I liked that part too. Hagrid is such an innocent being.

mysticforce 2006.02.07 - 12:57AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
LOL "You says to me, 'Hagrid, what I'd love most dearly is to have a black dog, stuffed and hung over my mantle!"... that was priceless...

Author's Response: Heh! Heh! That was one of my favorite lines as well. It still makes me giggle when I picture Snape's face, as well as the others, when dear ol' innocent Hagrid spills that one out. Like the Southwest Airlines commercial on TV...Wanna Get Away?

cmwinters 2005.12.27 - 10:24PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Very funny. =D

Author's Response: I'm glad I made you laugh. Thanks so much for reading my goofy story and taking the time to leave a review. It makes my day. :-)

flutterby 2005.10.09 - 01:29PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
i LOVE it! Xspecialy if he realy takes a vacation with tonks. you should write about that.

Author's Response: You aren't the only one who wants me to write about our lovely wizard taking a much needed vacation with Tonks. I've been thinking of scenarios. How about a Disney Cruise? LOL!

zafania 2005.04.30 - 02:54AM 1: Chapter 1 Anonymous
loved the party games. don't thik I want to play"spin the balst ended skrewt" though!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I agree, that game wouldn't be one of my favs either. :)

the bloody knife artist 2005.02.08 - 07:16PM 1: Chapter 1 Anonymous
hah hah! sweet!

Author's Response:

Lana Manckir 2005.01.17 - 12:53PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
LOL that was absolutely hilarious! I can't stop laughing at the dog mention and the fans slipping their phone numbers. Brilliant!

Author's Response: We should ALL have a stuffed, black dog mounted over our fireplace mantel (for inspiration) LOL! You DO know who the four skantily clad girls were, don't you Lana? (wink! wink!) That is "Siriusly unfortunate" if you don't...Oh, fellow wicked one! ;)

snapeaddict 2005.01.17 - 07:33AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
*lol* I loved the party games, though something tells me I would prefer "Truth or Hex" over "Spin the Blast-Ended Skrewt". *g* And nice to see his birthday wish come true...nymnphomaniac, Nymphadora...who can tell the difference anyway? :-)

Author's Response: Hee! Hee! Truth or Hex might be better but Spin the Blast-Ended Skrewt has that element of danger. Let's just hope ol' Snape comes back from the Caribbean with a smile on his face. Thanks for the review! :)

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