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Reviews for Severus’ Halloween

longloveseverus 2007.07.23 - 08:57PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Anonymous
Very well done! (it seems as though I've been using that one and only comment repeadetly today as I read fics...) I loved it. Not only canon compliant, a believable representation of the characters and events, but also actually good "english class" standard writing! A lot of fics it seems, although they have good stories, don't have that great of actual writing.

pudella 2007.05.11 - 06:37PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
Your story was fantastic! I thought it was beautifully detailed and I could feel the depth of loneliness and loss that Severus felt. I am curious to know how he lost her to James. I just have two comments about the timing in some of the memories: "When she got married he was already a Death-Eater", but then there is this line: "Two days after she got married he received the Dark Mark" - so he wasn't already a DE when she got married. “The other day, what I said to you, after the DADA tests …” - usually "the other day" refers to an event that happened fairly recently. But the scene is specified as taking place in the autumn. I would replace "The other day" with something like "Back in June."

xenasquill 2007.04.09 - 09:53PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
I liked this. I think Halloween would be a night of bad memories for Snape! I also reallu liked your take on how Snape and Lily became close in the sixth year, and of course, the end of the story!

journeymom 2005.10.23 - 04:23PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
Sad and very good!

lordmelkor 2005.09.15 - 06:16PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
This is a lovely story. Very charming. Very sad. I love it.

tjturtle 2005.08.12 - 03:59PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
That was so sad...can I cry now?

Shirley Shang 2005.06.25 - 09:02PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Anonymous
A very god story, I think you should be a writer, you write very gret :) I hope its true in her books to that he loves Lily Evans Potter :)

Fionnait 2005.04.24 - 07:04AM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
A very nice story, sad but sweet. The ending leaves one with a laughing and a crying eye. Fionnait

Horserider 2005.01.25 - 04:41PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Anonymous
Some very good bittersweetness here; I liked it very much. I always like to visit Severus' Hogwarts days. ~HR

aerynfire 2005.01.16 - 10:51PM 1: Severus’ Halloween Signed
Oh wow...what can I say...wow! This piece just flowed off the page! What a beautiful and sad story...how utterly tragic for not only the woman he loved to marry another man and have his child, but to then hear of her death... Never mind the holiday, son being his student, and hating his father! Wonderful job! ~Aeryn

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This alternative plot tries to explain Snape's personality. I wish Rowling would have revealed more details about his past, instead of letting us guess. Well, maybe in the future books....

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