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Reviews for Birthday Games

hot_stuff11 2012.10.23 - 07:57PM 1: Birthday Games Signed
"No wonder everyone thinks he plays for the Boys’ Quidditch team”=GENIUS! Also, I never guessed the ending: amazing!

druidess 2007.08.15 - 01:03AM 1: Birthday Games Anonymous
Haha, that was awesome. What a cute story. I loved it!

KarlaMarie 2007.03.31 - 10:52PM 1: Birthday Games Anonymous
From 12-19-2006 -- THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I EVER READ!!! I can almost see our darling Severus playing a computer game cursing when he can't get the game to do as he wanted it to. man that would be worth a thousand crucio's to see!

libco 2006.05.20 - 03:04AM 1: Birthday Games Anonymous

MollysSister 2006.05.15 - 04:56PM 1: Birthday Games Signed
You had me going there! I was hoping there was going to be some tied up and kinky sex. Damn video games. They are strangly addicting arent they? Thanks for the laugh

smaranda 2005.10.28 - 07:56AM 1: Birthday Games Signed
You've done it again, had me laughing my head off instead of working as I should. I think you've earned a little punishment. Besides, I'm a Scorpio/Capricorn.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, smaranda! Punishment? Do you mean like a detention with Snape? *quivers* In that case, you're quite right. I'm a Scorpio. :-)

MagicAlly 2005.09.22 - 06:44AM 1: Birthday Games Signed
Now that I've finally finished laughing I've got to say this was great! I really love your stuff. All the best.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, MagicAlly! I'm really glad I've got you over at Occlumency now. :-)

Secret Apprentice 2005.08.09 - 04:37AM 1: Birthday Games Signed
It's 3:29 AM and I'm in the livingroom while my best friend,my sister,my sisters best friend, and my other sister are sleeping; in the livingroom (watching T.V). I'm surprised that I didn't wake them up with my laughter! When I read the summary for this story,I was curious and yet alittle anxious to what the Potions Master does on his birthday. I should say though,those lines, < 'Today I shall beat you....I shall be unmerciful and unforgiving' > they kind of freaked me out for a moment ot be honest. But then I continued,afterall,it wasn't a humor story for nothing! But,wonderful job. I love comedy and I have to say that I loved your story.(I saw a picture, relating to another story that you wrote, in the gallery I'm just dying to read it! You are a wonderful writer and you have an excellent sense of humor. Nice story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Secret Apprentice! I am so happy you enjoyed this and I hope you enjoy A Right Bastard as well! I'm glad you enjoyed this!

ernestine 2005.06.04 - 06:59AM 1: Birthday Games Anonymous
When I read "WWF Smackdown 2005, I screamed, "OH, GOD!!!" and could NOT stop laughing. Video games! Snape seems the type, doesn't he?

Author's Response: Thank you, ernestine! For some reason, I think they would be good for him. :-) and I bet he's a poor loser.

Aestel 2005.05.18 - 02:09AM 1: Birthday Games Signed
Lol, yeah, I can see where the plot bunny was coming from. This story is utterly ridiculous and completely adorable. Plant some clover on his grave for me, k?

Author's Response: Thank you, Aestel! I miss the little bunny, but I have 47 more that look just like him. :-) I'm glad you liked it!

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