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Reviews for January 9th

Nicole S 2006.03.10 - 06:52PM 1: January 9th Anonymous
YAY U GO LOL even though i want Snape >< lol i meet him in person he smells nice =P lol anyways i like ur story.

KarenDetroit 2005.09.23 - 05:52PM 1: January 9th Signed
Cute story. Let's hope something like this transpires. Snape deserves it.

Author's Response: Thank you, KarenDetroit! I think Snape does deserve happiness and I no longer count on JK Rowling to see that he gets it (if I ever did). :-)

lunafish 2005.09.10 - 12:44AM 1: January 9th Signed
Oh, how lucky I feel to have read this little gem. As you know, I've fallen in love with the story of Snape and Patricia, but little did I know that this was going to be a spin-off when I left-clicked on the title. Then, lucky me! I got my "Right Bastard" fix for the night! A very sweet story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, lunafish! Unfortunately, this story is considered AU from the other, only because of timelines. But I'm glad you liked it!

Secret Apprentice 2005.08.09 - 04:58AM 1: January 9th Signed
OOOhOOOO!!! He had a happy birthday night! This story was fun and enjoyable,as are the other stories of yours, I'm sure. Excellent job ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you again, Secret Apprentice! Glad you enjoyed!

Trickie Woo 2005.06.30 - 03:52PM 1: January 9th Signed
I just read this and enjoyed it very much. I have a suggestion for you, why don't you get a wireless mouse and keyboard? My husband picked one up as a gift for me last winter. They aren't expensive, only about $30 at Walmart and they solve the problems I was having keeping all the wires straight. The rest of the wires I labeled on both ends and labeled where they went in the surge protector plug receptacle

Author's Response: Thank you, Trickie Woo! As I rarely use the keyboard anymore, I really don't have to worry about it, but thanks for the suggestion!

apisa_b 2005.04.12 - 04:51PM 1: January 9th Signed
Hi Lisa, Hopefully you're satisfied now that the teasers on your LiveJournal made me go and register on Occlumency to be able to read your stories.
Nice to know how ARB willend eventually before I even have started reading ist yet, but I'm always in favor of happy endings.
I really enjoyed that story. Just wanted to let you know. - Barbara

Author's Response: Thank you, Barbara! I'm so glad to see you here! I can't promise ARB will end up like this or that this will even be the end. But I'm a firm believer in happy endings! I'm so glad you're here! The bunnies are dancing for you. :-)

vanityfair 2005.04.05 - 11:50AM 1: January 9th Signed
I liked it!

Author's Response: Thank you, vanityfair!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.18 - 03:52AM 1: January 9th Signed
Ok, that was sappy. It was so sappy that syrup is leaking out of my monitor. The good new is I love sappy. Not everthing has so damn dark and deperssing all the time. The line "It's not a Slytherin trait to make your Hostess feel bad," was really clever. Butcher and eat one of your Plot bunnies for me.

Author's Response: Really, I rarely eat any of the plot bunnies, Pink. Well, there was that time at Christmas, but we were snowed in and it was either a bunny or the dog or cat. And I have only one dog and one cat. But I've got a great recipe for BBQ sauce. Nothing better than crockpotted bunny in BBQ sauce. ;-D You definitely bring out a sick side to me, Pink. Feel ashamed. And I do fluffy much better than angsty. I think, anyway.
~Lisa (Yeah, it's still late, but I broke down and took drugs... does that explain it?)

aerynfire 2005.01.17 - 05:27AM 1: January 9th Signed
Have just started reading ARB, and this little preview into the future makes me happy, even if you could just be lulling us into a false sense of security with a devious alternate universe outcome . That was sweet and funny, and very Snape. The iced tea reaction was spot on and Albus's placebo charm exactly the kind of the thing the sneaky old man would get up to. Fingers crossed that ARB takes them on this path!! L-Fire

Author's Response: Thanks, L-Fire! I'm glad you enjoyed this peek into Sibyll's crystal ball. ;-D I'm hoping it goes this way, too, but these are two stubborn individuals. And there's a lot of bad things coming. Evil teaser, I know.

EllieK 2005.01.17 - 12:14AM 1: January 9th Signed
I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to review, as I read it when it first came out! It is great to get another Tricia/Snape fix! It makes me happy to learn that Beau and Severus settle into a comfortable friendship of tricks and hexes. Now, you need to get busy (hm...don't we all?) and write your way to this point in ARB! The boss has spoken.

Author's Response: Thanks, EllieK! Nearly finished with the next chapter of ARB. I'll work harder! Don't hurt me! I see Beau as eventually becoming the friend Severus never had, complete with hexes and practical jokes.

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