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Reviews for Keep Me in the Dark

Mayavanaviharini harini 2016.09.29 - 03:03AM 2: Part 2 Signed
Hi! Wonderful piece, dear! I loved your depiction of Padma, more so because I am a 24 year old Indian girl myself... I could relate somewhat to her way of thinking! Great writing about the Kama and Rati story (which is one of my personal favs too, btw)! Hell, did you just call this 'Porn without plot'? :P

Breath 2016.03.24 - 11:57AM 1: Part 1 Signed
Just wonderful. You know how to describe womens wishes and longings. I would like to read more. May be after all this time you could do it again, intimidating your waiting reader with a sensuous new story. all the best wishes from Bavaria, S.

mkwiant 2013.03.17 - 12:27AM 2: Part 2 Signed
wow! Awesome!

zaftig_darling 2012.05.08 - 11:32AM 2: Part 2 Signed
I am blown away by this.

katielady08 2011.06.09 - 09:14PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Excellently written! So wonderful to read. Can't wait to read more of your works.

Jong_Kahn 2010.10.22 - 03:02AM 2: Part 2 Signed
This is just exquisite. That's all, just exquisite. I haven't read the Knight Errant Chronicles yet, but I figure I might as well "favorite" you as an author, since it's a sure bet that whatever you write will be far more than all right with me! If I could give you "100" for this, I would.

Miss 2010.08.23 - 05:36AM 2: Part 2 Signed
I've read this piece many times, partly for being different from all the other pieces that are out there (Padma instead of Hermione), and partly because I keep wondering what it would be like to read this from Severus' point of view. Lovely.

Page Mistress 2009.05.10 - 02:12PM 2: Part 2 Signed
I love how Severus says "Somehow I knew you would turn out to be a former student." It's just sounds like something he would say.

SataiDelenn 2008.08.02 - 04:21AM 2: Part 2 Signed
Lol. There must be something about me needing to read this again so close to the time I first read it. Once again, I loved it, and once again, it made me cry at the end. This is the second time I've read this story, and I love it as much now, as I did then!

Melousine 2008.07.23 - 12:57PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Good Gods, I loved your story! Severus is incredibly sexy from a point of view which knows nothing about his teacher-and-spy-persona. Well done indeed! The best PWP I read in a long time.

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