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Reviews for Mirror Mirror

ffswoo 2007.07.08 - 05:02AM 6: Epilogue: The Boy Again Anonymous
Great backstory about Severus' childhood - his questionable reading material was a nice touch! I wonder about his mother leaving though - I hold the general belief that she'd love him too much to leave and not even keep in touch, no matter how ugly the marriage became. Or I'd expect her to put up more of a fight over the custody issues, anyway...

Author's Response: I know I made Septimia a strange woman... I'm not sure I would do the same if I wrote Eileen - probably not. Septimia is very self-absorbed and lives in her own intellectual world; I don't think she understands what her leaving does to her son. She knows Stephen will take good care of him, and thinks that is enough... Thank you for reviewing! -S.

eleison 2007.04.17 - 06:58PM 6: Epilogue: The Boy Again Anonymous
I am amazed at the amount of conflicting emotions seemlessly woven together in Tobias Snape. Your portrayals of him and his son are some of the best characterizations I have ever read. Tobias belatedly realized, as Harry hopefully will, that the key to Snape's character lies in what he leaves unsaid. Thank you so much! eleison

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the nice review! I'm very glad you liked the story... I think a lot of conflict results from poor communication; Severus, too, didn't manage to interpret the things his father left unsaid. Let's hope Harry is not too old to learn! :) -S.

Penguin2006 2006.02.26 - 10:23AM 6: Epilogue: The Boy Again Signed
I read that you consider this the best story that you have ever written and I can see why - it builds up to a fantastic emotional climax. You've used dialogue really skillfully to, increasing the amount of speech in each chapter so that the epilogue has the most and so feels the most immediate and gripping. (I noticed that on re-reading.) Using dialogue at the emotional turning points and building up the tension with it was very effective. This is something I've noticed you're very good at. I also got a kind of 'ah, so that's how it worked' feelling in my head every time you worked the books' information so skillfully into your story - like how Snape learnt his Dark arts, or how he got word to Dumbledore when the other Aurors just wanted to FRY! him. Very satisfying. The one thing I didn't like was the prologue. It was very confusing. Most of the time I couldn't tell who was saying what to whom. And then the pace jarred when you went into a lot of description in part I. The poem was apt, but I think you could have lost the prologue because it put me right off. If I didn't know already what a good writer you are, I would have stopped reading. I loved Stephen and spooky Septimia. Even though they are now obselete, lots of what you wrote is still valid - the family background of repression, suspicion, incompatability, the Dark Arts, deception and violence and Snape's sneaky teenage rebellion. It all still makes sense. Going to write an Eileen and Tobias Snape? Or wait for HP7? was trying to establish a mental image

Author's Response: Ah. Okay. I wasn't aware the prologue was so off-putting. Maybe there is something of a problem in the fact that I knew Stephen through and through by the time I wrote the prologue, and that his voice was very distinguishable for me but not for the reader... I'm happy to hear I managed to make up for it as the story went on :D.

Yes, I do plan to write Tobias and Eileen (I have lots of notes already), but it will take some time. I think that after reading Mirror you will understand that it takes some effort for me to distance myself from Stephen and Septimia, and Eileen and Tobias have still to come into their own. Thanks for the review! -S.

Vocalion 2005.01.10 - 04:33PM 6: Epilogue: The Boy Again Signed
Well done, Sigune, with excellent insight into Stephen and Severus' mindset. "Young Stephen’s eyes were like burns in a carpet, like dark pits, like unlit hallways leading nowhere. They had contemplated horrors, and their brilliance had been replaced with the kind of emptiness that comes from too much experience at too early an age." I thought there were no fresh descriptions to be found of Snape's eyes, but you succeeded in finding them. Very, very nice. “Of course it must be frustrating for you to realise that I accomplished more good through deviance than you ever could through decency.” This one, concise statement conveys so much. Please post more of your work.

LariLee 2005.01.10 - 02:46PM 6: Epilogue: The Boy Again Signed
Such a wounded, dysfunctional family. But what a different ending had Stephen not listened. Beautifully done, Sigune. Kudos!

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