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Reviews for Potter's Bar

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.26 - 03:25PM 1: Potter's Bar Signed
I'd read this before, when first I discovered "Insidious", but failed to review at that time. So I'm making up for that, now--cute story!

Author's Response: Thanks! This is obviously much sillier than Insidious, but I like to think Snape has his moments when he can let his hair down, so to speak... ;-)

testingt 2007.12.18 - 09:08AM 1: Potter's Bar Signed
Last Christmas I got initiated into American pool--not turned into a fan, however. So I can assure you that an understanding of the noble sport is not necessary to enjoying your story. Thanks for a fun read!

Overhill 2007.12.04 - 02:24AM 1: Potter's Bar Signed
I always get a chuckle out of this when it comes up on the Random Generator. It is so easy to picture, and so much fun to read! I like your very original idea that the jars of stuff in Snape's office are transfigured awards - something that fits Severus so beautifully! And that he has a life outside of school and rescuing students - excellent!

Anonymous 2007.04.03 - 09:45AM 1: Potter's Bar Anonymous
01-22-2007 22:33 Rated 10

Hi Grainne, I'm so glad that I've finally found your story! A fellow Snape fan at my fave HP forum mentioned it but couldn't remember the exact name or link, and as a snooker addict (actually hooked to it thanks to a Snape doppelganger a few years back, heh) I just HAD to find and read it. Well, all the digging for this story was certainly worth it! :D

I think your story is very well written throughout, and spot-on in character for both Harry and Snape (oh, the mental picture of Snape in a waistcoat studying the baize...). The Transfigured trophies are a nice touch, and the idea itself ("Potter's Bar" indeed!) is so hilariously off-the-wall that I can't help loving it. Definitely a fanfic to be recommended. :)


emmiebyrd 2007.04.03 - 09:44AM 1: Potter's Bar Anonymous
10-23-2006 02:37 Rated 9

Very clever boots! Liked it much.

Author's Response: Cheers!

Hotgoose 2007.04.03 - 09:44AM 1: Potter's Bar Anonymous
10-21-2006 22:33 Rated 9

I can imagine Snape liking pool, poor him though having to be a potter. Ha ha! Great story well done.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Bethany Duthie 2006.06.29 - 02:55PM 1: Potter's Bar Anonymous
That is one amazing story. I love it.

LookFar 2006.06.17 - 11:04PM 1: Potter's Bar Signed
Adorable, in character and well-written. I don't usually go in for the "Snape has a cute little habit" trope, but this one really works, especially since he's unrelentingly awful to Harry in the process.

veradee 2006.05.25 - 08:38PM 1: Potter's Bar Signed
I stumbled across your fic and just had to read it because I for a short while I used to share a flat with someone who was from Potters Bar and another one who loved to watch snooker. I enjoyed your story very much. While I've never pictured Snape as a "potter", I can certainly imagine him being talented at the game. And I adored your legless Harry - much funnier than in the books.

jamesandlily4ever 2005.12.22 - 07:59PM 1: Potter's Bar Anonymous
Good chapter!!!(I loved the fic: 'Squidbait Returns', but you said that you might make a sequel...)(I'll be on the look out for it...) Keep writing....good and great fics!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! As for Squidbait, a sequel is not very likely, as I'd prefer to write any new works in compliance with the new canon (HBP), but thanks for your support.

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