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Reviews for The Rude Seeker Sparklers

Ilikesnape 2006.01.29 - 02:28AM 1: One-Shot Signed
a nice quick story

ZahariaCelestina 2006.01.20 - 11:21AM 1: One-Shot Signed
Hello dearest! I certainly laughed out loud on many occasions; this is an adorable short essay! Very imaginative, I must say! Funny and, as always, well written! The only thing that puzzles me is... well, if one house-elf threw his or her knickers at Snape... what was left to cover the obvious? And if so, why hasn't McGonagall fainted? ;) Take care, dear, and happy writing!

Aria Dragoncrest 2005.11.11 - 07:19AM 1: One-Shot Signed

Bill D. Door 2005.06.03 - 05:00PM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
Extremely clever - though I can't help but wonder if Snape could have tricked the Weasleys into insulting their own fireworks. Probably not...

Are You Dead Yet 2005.04.19 - 12:53AM 1: One-Shot Signed
LOL...HIGHLY amusing! Good job!

Grainne 2005.01.04 - 12:03AM 1: One-Shot Signed
Clever and very witty, with fantastic visual imagery. Imagine, Snape with a pair of house-elf knickers on his face! Priceless, that. And I love the Inspector Gadget-esque ending.

LariLee 2005.01.03 - 11:47PM 1: One-Shot Signed
I dearly love good Fred and George pranks! And Snape was Snapish to the end!

Silverthreads 2005.01.03 - 07:12PM 1: One-Shot Signed

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