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Reviews for Just Two Days

peskipiksi 2008.08.13 - 05:30PM 1: Just Two Days Signed
Oh, please update this! Quite apart from seeing what Severus and Abbie get up to, I want to see what havoc 19 teenagers can wreak in London! And can Snape come with me next business trip to sort out awkward hotel housekeeping staff please? That scene is great!

gnarglephilliac 2008.02.07 - 05:32AM 1: Just Two Days Signed
Very well done - I would like you to update this, but on the other hand I think it is a great place to end! Such a cold, restrained bastard - just the way I like my Snape!!! Loved the line “By all means, Abigail, don’t let me interrupt your… pleasure. I was just asking that you be a little less noisy about it. Some people actually sleep at night.”

megganisms 2006.08.09 - 12:43AM 1: Just Two Days Signed
XD oh noes! please please please update this sometime *begbeggrovelplead* <3333 this was great!

sandstar08 2006.06.17 - 02:40AM 1: Just Two Days Signed
are you going to continue this? one part of me is jumping around yelling more and the other part thinks that this would be a really good place to stop and turn into a fanficfic challenge to finish... *grin*

talloaks 2006.05.27 - 09:51AM 1: Just Two Days Signed
Wow, that was really a very fun story. I wondered which way you'd go; either he'd go to London or he'd be hosting the Valentine's Day Party. The method you used to get them to London, then the hotel was great. What I enjoyed was Snape trying to maintain order and discipline against all comers. You nearly made me choke when O'Donnell began to masturbate and he spoke up. That you didn't have him go for her, despite his obvious arousal, made this even better. Really, very fun.

Fluffy Bat 2006.05.05 - 09:34PM 1: Just Two Days Signed
This is a great little piece - Severus being so in character is a pleasure rare to find. I especially enjoyed his first reaction to the pizza and, of course, the fact that he took such delight in rejecting Abigail's advances - "No, madam, I will not, now kindly remove your hand." Priceless. When it was evident they were having to share a room, I thought this was going to turn into another 'Snape-gets-some-all-night-long', but this made a nice change!

seventonks 2006.02.07 - 09:07PM 1: Just Two Days Signed
oooo! the last bit was pretty good too

seventonks 2006.02.07 - 09:05PM 1: Just Two Days Signed
my favorite bit out of this marvelous piece "he suddenly had the most unexplainable urge to kiss the back of her knee" woot!

KarenDetroit 2005.09.22 - 11:46AM 1: Just Two Days Signed
well! That was different. And humorous. Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


132possum 2005.09.08 - 11:15PM 1: Just Two Days Anonymous
Very convincing - Snape is the just the chap to do something like that.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.


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