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Reviews for When Opportunity Knocks

megganisms 2006.08.09 - 12:08AM 1: Challenge Version Signed
:O that was...good and...very sexy? >> angry!snape is always good for sex scenes...if you're a sadist?!?! *giggle* I loved this! Fantastic job

Author's Response: Thank you! Snape and I were rather put out with each other the day I wrote that. :-)

rayvyn2k 2005.09.28 - 08:45PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
AHHHH!!! I love this one. Dom!EvilBastard!Snape and Whimpering!Submissive!Black. Brilliant. And Snape's comment to Mrs. Black is perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't like Black, even then. *cackle*

eeyore 2005.02.24 - 01:21PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
I love you. Have I ever told you that? Of course I have. Leave it to your dirty mind to come up with that one. I'm just as bad, though, I love the idea of Snape getting one over on a maurader- and THAT way is bad, bad, so good, its bad. "...I'll let you swallow my cum..."- bwahahahaaaaa! My favorite of all the highly unlikelies. Another thorn removed from his side, indeed.

Author's Response: LOL! Thank you!! That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time. All of it. So glad you liked the story.

ajannjones 2005.02.06 - 12:28PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
I liked it. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you!

aramintasnape 2005.01.11 - 02:55PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Clever idea to adapt this one for the challenge! And he's still a bastard!!

Author's Response: Oh, yes - lol!

potionmistress60 2005.01.06 - 11:27AM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Did you have this posted on AFF at one time? I think I read this before. Nasty, nasty Snape! LOL! My dark side likes that little scenario.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, it was at aff, and it's also on Serpensortia in its original form. It took very little modification for it to fit the challenge.

Razzberry 2005.01.02 - 10:16PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Certainly wasn't what I was expecting, but extremely well written. And I, for one, am glad you spiced up the pot a bit.


Author's Response: Thanks, Jen. This story was a bit of a departure for me, but fun to write!

VindictiveSnake 2004.12.20 - 01:47PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Merlin in the tower! I couldn't even finished this one.

Author's Response: Vindictive certainly describes you.

Ceridwyn Penn 2004.12.14 - 03:55PM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Wow. Has boy-on-boy action ever been so unappealing? Despite the nastiness, I think this is quite good and I enjoyed reading it. Especially the part with all the hookers hiding from Snape - ha!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Erotic was definitely not what I had in mind when I wrote it. Although...

Obadiah Slope 2004.12.13 - 11:51AM 1: Challenge Version Signed
Ooh, wicked fic, in the rather more traditional sense of the word! Very unlikely? I certainly hope so. Very good? Definitely ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Probably not what JKR had in mind, but such fun to write.

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