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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

KarenDetroit 2005.08.10 - 09:34PM 26: Punishments Signed
For shame, using Lupin like that! I hope he enjoyed it, at least.

Author's Response: I gave him a side of caribou to chew on afterward ;-)

KarenDetroit 2005.08.10 - 08:28PM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
Snape as a border collie--what imagery! And the Drama Queen routine, well, that was a bit over the top.

KarenDetroit 2005.08.10 - 07:40PM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed

KarenDetroit 2005.08.10 - 05:30PM 16: Public Displays of Disaffection Signed
Taking points off Ravenclaw for a Gryffindor's error! Just precious!

KarenDetroit 2005.08.10 - 04:56PM 10: Fireworks Signed
This is so relentlessly cheerful and upbeat, exactly what I need. Thank you so much!

RobynR 2005.07.12 - 03:13PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
Hello Grainne - tis me, Orlaith from MNff! I've finally joined this wonderous site, and to celebrate, I've read your marvellous works through again. As ever it is sad to see the end in this piece, the laughs however, most certainly will not be forgotten (if they are, I can read it again.) Do you know what would be good? A fic on Athene's missions in ABFAB... Just a suggestion... Well done and thank you, you've been great!

Author's Response: Hiya, Orlaith/Robyn! It is so good to hear from you (I am very glad to see that you are safe and well), and welcome to SH (does this mean we can expect a visit from Sorcha in near future?) I am flattered beyond all measure that you would read this again, and your suggestion is duly noted. I have several of Athene's missions loosely outlined in my notes, actually, but I'm not sure that anyone else at SH would want to read tales just about my OFC. Thank you for all of your encouragement!

Charo 2005.06.20 - 01:14PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
This is wonderful. I'm sorry I haven't left reviews for the other chapters (due to my laziness) but I couldn't go on without telling you how much I love this.

Author's Response: Thank you, Charo. Remember, reviewing is never an obligation, but I do appreciate you letting me know what you think!

Zhaneraal 2005.06.04 - 09:29PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
I think what I've enjoyed most about this story is how beautifully true to character Snape remained throughout its entirety. He was fantastically arrogant, snide, cunning and delicious without ever becoming a caricature of those traits. As for Athene, despite the fact that OFCs are a pet-peeve of mine (and yet, I keep reading stories with them), I have to say that I really enjoyed the characterization of her. She managed to be interesting in her own right, rather than becoming just a foil for Snape (as OFCs are frequently prone to doing), and that was truly a triumph. Thank you for writing and sharing such a fabulous story.

Author's Response: Thank you for these lovely comments. I was very concerned about whether or not Snape could remain in character while in a relationship...jury is still out in my head, but I am glad it worked in the story. And very pleased to hear that Athene held her own. Cheers!

Zhaneraal 2005.06.04 - 08:30PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
"Was it something I said?" He can certainly be a daft old bat sometimes, can't he? Off to read the rest!

Zhaneraal 2005.06.03 - 02:10PM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
Amazing that no one ended up laughing during that farce. I know I certainly did, much to the dismay of my coworkers. I'm pleased to say that this story has become my newest productivity sink. :)

Author's Response: I'm all for inefficiency (unless you are a GP or my car mechanic or somesuch, in which case I would be very disturbed)! Cheers for the review; very happy that I could make you laugh.

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