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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:32PM 11: Interference Necessary Signed
Yay for Dumbledore! Again, love the "stolen moments" - sexier in some ways than sex itself. And I like that Snape is so insecure about the possibility of a romance.

Author's Response: Hear, hear for stolen moments!

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:24PM 10: Fireworks Signed
Wow, what a romantic moment on the quilt! I love those small, hesitant moves that mean so much when a relationship is just starting. I was holding my breath, just like Snape and Athene!

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:20PM 9: Finishing What Was Started Signed
*fans self* Lovely! I can't stress how much I admire your ability to keep Snape walking that line between sneaky Slytherin and sympathetic man (sorry, tried to think of another "S" noun, but my mind is rather slow. ;-D). And I really liked Athene's musings on her inability to put the war completely behind her. That's a nice way to give these two characters something else in common.

Author's Response: Your alliterations are most magnificent, Sophie, and thank you for this lovely feedback.

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:12PM 8: The First Annual Hogwarts Quidditch Clinic Signed
I love seeing Snape act as Head of House. He does such a good, Slytherin job of it!

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:07PM 7: Forced Company Signed
So many great lines! I loved the "thigh" scene. ;-D There's nothing like bantering with a little sexual tension thrown in!

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:02PM 6: Distractions Signed
"but she enforced a strict "no chocolate" policy. It gave the flying horse terrible gas."

I laughed so much while rereading this chapter! I loved this line! And then there was the line below:

Her hair was unbound and was streaming behind her, as was her cloak. She appeared to be panting with exertion, and...pregnant?

Perfect! Classic romantic moment - with a laugh. ;-D And your Snape is great: funny without meaning to be, sneaky, conflicted, beside himself.

Author's Response: I really appreciate this, Sophie. Your comments tell me that my own vision of Snape for this story, did, indeed, translate onto the page (at least for you!). And to know that you laughed gives me great joy.

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 03:55PM 5: Night Terrors Signed
Poor Snape! What's great is that you make him sympathetic and a little humorous at the same time. There's something slightly amusing about the image of Snape with his eyes sqeezed shut, trying not to cry. Okay, maybe I'm sadistic. But lovely chapter. ;-D

Author's Response: Thanks, Sophie. I am often torn between empathizing with Snape and laughing at him (or was, prior to HBP) and this story was my way of indulging both habits.

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 03:51PM 4: Calming Down Signed
I really like how all of the characters - not just Athene and Snape - come alive. Poppy is so protective of her students, but she had a warm sense of humor. And poor Bertram - nothing like being a clumsy Hufflepuff who is naked and has recently been burned by a fire-imp! ;-D Oh, and I was quite impressed by Athene's cursing abilities!

Author's Response: I love JKR's world/characters, so when I set out to write this I knew I didn't want to just create a shell around Snape and my OFC. As to the cursing, well, I thought she might have a bit of a potty mouth given her previous occupation, and as I simply couldn't have her swoon away after that little interlude, I thought she might as well turn the air blue! ;-)

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 03:46PM 3: Burning Up Signed
I know I read half of your fic a few months ago, before I got swamped with evil RL events, but I think I must have only reviewed the first two chapters. Sorry about that!

Fantastic tension between the two of them! There truly is a thin line between love and hate, isn't there? ;-D I think this would be especially true of Snape. And I like how Athene is often on the verge of losing control. She's a good match for Severus in that respect!

Author's Response: Never apologise for RL, Sophie! I am very grateful for all of your comments, whenever and wherever you choose to leave them

KarenDetroit 2005.08.11 - 12:03AM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
Sigh. I know all good things must end, and it's nearly midnight now, but that was a smashing good read. The pace never faltered. Thank you very much.

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed the story, KarenDetroit, and thank you for being generous with the feedback!

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