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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

sophierom 2005.08.17 - 09:15AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Great history lessons! ;-D And these two work well with each other, even in crisis situations with lots of alcohol. That must mean they're meant to be!

Author's Response: I never thought of it that way before, but works for me!

sophierom 2005.08.17 - 09:02AM 20: An Unexpected Addiction Signed
Uh oh ... I wonder what will be more difficult for these two: the external problems or realization that they're in love with each other!

sophierom 2005.08.17 - 08:42AM 19: Unwanted Attention Signed
Oh no! Those little twerps! If they ruin the relationship ... argh!

sophierom 2005.08.17 - 08:34AM 18: Snape's Apology Signed
Evil Ravenclaw! ;-D And poor Apollo ... to be banned from chocolate, horrors! So glad that Snape made his apology. Lovely idea to have the two of them do something as an apology rather than say "sorry".

Author's Response: I maintain that there is a verrry fine line between Ravenclaw and Slytherin ;-)

sophierom 2005.08.17 - 08:25AM 17: Wager and Match Signed
Yes, Snape would be a real pain in the butt to get along with, wouldn't he? Poor Athene. I hope he makes it worth her while!

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 05:05PM 16: Public Displays of Disaffection Signed
I was laughing myself silly during this chapter! But that last line ... oh, poor Snape! (He does deserve it though, doesn't he? ;-D)

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:59PM 15: Base Instincts Signed
I'm in love with your Snape. Another wonderful moment - him staring at the room, committing it to memory. There's a man who's had too few happy moments in his life. And I love that he calls her by her last name; for some reason, I find that incredibly sexy! ;-D

Author's Response: I worried that that moment would be a bit too OOC for him, but I do think he's quite intense and starved for "happy moments," as you say. I thought he might not belive that he'd ever get to repeat it again, and thus permitted him a bit af sappiness. I'm glad it played well on your end.

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:53PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
That was one of the best sex scenes I have ever read. Hands down. Romantic yet realisitic (I LOVE THE LAST PARAGRAPH!!!!! Sorry, got a little crazy with the caps, there). And the best part - I'm learning so much about both characters. She is so good for him. He is incredibly insecure, and she handles that with just the right mix of humor, understanding, and sexiness. And though he might not say it, Snape adores her, doesn't he? "It wasn't picture perfect, mind you; real sex never is." Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank YOU Sophie! I was aiming for a bit of realism, so I'm very very pleased to hear this.

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:46PM 13: Lesson Plans Forgotten Signed
You've got a wonderful way of describing the scene. I'm not much of a visual reader, but I could clearly picture her, with her back against him, as he breathed in the scene of her hair and, well, you know ... ;-D Lovely! And the insecurities of both of them - great. They're both so very human, even if one is an ex-Death Eater and the other a chameleon!

Author's Response: Yes, I now cringe in horror at certain of the cliches in this fic, but for all of their angsty pasts and special conditions, if you find the characters human, then I feel I've done something good as an author. :-)

sophierom 2005.08.16 - 04:40PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
Hooray for Athene! I love her! She understands Snape ... force him out of his Slytherin shell! Oh, and I thought that having the characters "brainstorm" was a brilliant way of giving us additional insight into their traits.

Author's Response: Sophie sees my little tricksies, yes she does... (and there was a tiny itsy bit of possibly lame foreshadowing there as well)

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