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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Aldara 2006.06.23 - 08:35PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
"It wasn't picture perfect, mind you; real sex never is. He slipped out once or twice and needed help finding his way back to the correct spot. Her hair got in the way of their kisses. They began to pant with exertion. Their sweaty tummies made funny squelching sounds when they pulled apart, and all of their jiggly bits jiggled. But that was all part of the deal, all part of the fun, all part of what made this such an intimate act." Haha, what an entirely fitting description! *g*

gjegje 2006.04.14 - 04:38PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
Story finished. I didn´t tell you how much I love your Dumbledore. Earlier comment still stands, I like Evercantes when she´s angry and unyielding, petrifying annoying professors and getting away with it. Maybe she´s getting soft and feminine in her relationships, you know, keeping the peace and making up. Write some more stories

gjegje 2006.04.14 - 11:35AM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
I do love your story and I think you do the characters plausibly and you write a good prose. I also enjoy your history footnotes. Suddenly there popped up an inconsistency in this chapter that is making me angry. Snape betrayed Evercantes´ trust in a horrible way by looking at her memories. He should be asking her for forgiveness (or something similar but mori Snape-ish). I can´t imagine your character, the one I loved for being angry when Snape rode in like a knight in shining armour to save her from that nasty ministry character, suddenly all meek and loving and wanting nothing in return. I had a very good opinion on this story but these last scenes are trying to ruin it. I´ll probably not be able to stop reading, and perhaps all will be explained. I sincerely hope so because good stories are hard to find and my extreme dislike of this turn of events just shows how much your story has drawn me in. I´ve clicked in the notification box for if the autor responds and I´d love to hear what you have to say about my review. Thanks for the story

Author's Response: You are perfectly entitled to your opinion of Athene's behaviour, and I am sorry that she disappointed you. However, I don't think that Snape was the only one who behaved in an immature fashion (remember, she put that memory in the pensieve on purpose). Also, while this scene is certainly a big one for Athene in terms of coming to grips with and vocalizing her emotions (something which *is* necessary in mature relationships at some point, as the fighting and lovemaking will only take you so far), I do not agree that she was "all meek and loving and wanting nothing in return." By the end of the chapter, I hope I made it plain that Athene was feeling, shall we say, quite amorous. Therefore, she had a very selfish motive for wanting to exit the room as soon as possible. Being a practical woman, I think she knew that Snape wasn't about to start spouting love sonnets, just because she had admitted her feelings in a moment of extreme stress. She needed to hear *something*--enough to mollify her pride and get them out of the room--but as she was, at that moment, more intent on getting in his trousers than anything else, I don't expect she cared much that he was being a stubborn, selfish git. ;-) I do appreciate hearing the feedback, and am very pleased that you went on to finish the story, despite your dislike of Athene's character development. To me, characters are not three-dimensional unless they can change, so it was important to me that I show Athene's emotional development. I don't think that her learning to love and commit to someone necessarily makes her weaker, but, again, I respect your right to disagree. Thanks for your honest opinion.

Joyce 2006.01.26 - 06:35AM 19: Unwanted Attention Signed
I particularly enjoyed this chapter... I laughed so much during the points deducting-awarding scene... At last, along with the realistic love scenes, we get to forget the Gryffindors a little... Not that I don't like them but Ravenclaws are cool also!!!!

Joyce 2006.01.26 - 05:44AM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
Thank you for, at last, acknowledging that "real sex" is full of imperfections that look sooo perfect to the concerned partners.... That's what makes so, well, real!!!

mistress of the dungeon 2006.01.12 - 04:52AM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
That was soooo funny! I started reading your fic as my usual before-bed-reading and was in for a long night ;-) Next day I couldn't resist to read a little in the office, which is bad, as I'm supposed to be working here ... really, I'll need to owl the Potions Master for an anti-procrastination brew, and make it a strong one, Sev! Shortly: one of the best fics I've read so far. I hope you'll continue writing! Cheers, mistress

Author's Response: Cheers for this feedback. It is good to know people are still enjoying this.

mistaria 2005.11.30 - 08:45PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
"and all of their jiggly bits jiggled" XD! Great stuff. Congrats for writing one of the most realistic sex scenes I've ever come across.

Author's Response: Thank you! That was, indeed, my aim ;-)

caz 2005.11.19 - 02:03PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
I think this could well be my favourite OFC-containing fic. Athene is totally believable, effortlessly side-stepping the Mary Sue label, while still being interesting. I loved your interpretation of the Lily/Snape dynamic.

caz 2005.11.19 - 01:57PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
Odbin the Corked! Truly inspired! Just wanted to pop this in as I continue my reading of the fic.

Black Spot 2005.11.10 - 02:03PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
Loved the story. So, Athene was in ABFAB - no doubt smoking and drinking Bollie. I didn't realise see was Irish, the way she kept calling Snape "eejit". I don't care it's not canon since HBP, a totally enjoyable tale. Thanks.

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