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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

LariLee 2004.12.19 - 09:02PM 10: Fireworks Signed
Happy holidays, Grainne! I look forward to the progression of this story.

LariLee 2004.12.19 - 08:52PM 9: Finishing What Was Started Signed
Nice citrus! Seems that they're resolving... some tension, but creating another type of tension. ;-D

Vocalion 2004.12.19 - 07:35PM 10: Fireworks Signed
I loved the line of fireworks that the Weasleys brought to the picnic, and the brief interlude between Snape and Athene on the quilt. I really like your writing style. I notice little refinements of language and structure, and even the creativity that goes into chapter titles.

Vocalion 2004.12.19 - 10:10AM 8: The First Annual Hogwarts Quidditch Clinic Signed
I just found my way here -- I didn't realize you'd updated. This was a very funny chapter, and your knowledge of Quidditch is quite formidable. "The posters swirled about his legs and pasted themselves to his chest and face." What a marvelous image that creates! Devilled eggs! Can't wait to read about the picnic!

Author's Response: Everything I pretend to know about Quidditch comes from Quidditch Through the Ages, a lovely little book JKR wrote for charity (percentage of proceeds goes to Comic Relief). Alternate for the poster scene: Snape got papered! Thanks ever so much for your comments (and for the plug--blush). To return the favor: Attention all readers--Vocalion has a talent for blending Snape, traditional Highland garb and native Brazilian fruits into acts of sheer comedic genius, infused with romance and the kinds of little ditties you KNOW you prance around your kitchen singing when no one is home. So if you haven't already, go read her stories.

LariLee 2004.12.18 - 10:09PM 8: The First Annual Hogwarts Quidditch Clinic Signed
It's not often a Slytherin will fall for a trick! Way to go! ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you...I figured that if anyone could do it, it would be a Ravenclaw, and it would somehow involve using the Slytherins own house traits against them. Thanks for reading!

Sniv 2004.12.18 - 02:52PM 8: The First Annual Hogwarts Quidditch Clinic Signed
LOL! Omg this is great! (I laughed out loud about the owl bumping into Snape's face LOL) Soo obvious that Snape does not wanna see what is so obvious - go talk to her Snape and remember dont be so...Snape'ish...;-) Although Im affraid old habbits are hard to kill! lol...Great chap! Thanks for updating this regularly! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you. Snape is on his way....

LariLee 2004.12.17 - 02:52PM 7: Forced Company Signed
Multidiplicksenary... having friends who are teachers, this sums it up far better. ;-D Another two excellent chapters. I'm enjoying the way you write Snape and Athene! ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you...many of my close friends and family are teachers, so your point is well taken! Or perhaps, it should be, Multidimwitsenary? Have a lovely day, Grainne

Sniv 2004.12.17 - 01:43PM 7: Forced Company Signed
Ah great! I love it! I cant wait to see how that will turn out! lol...I hope that when they now will be working together that Athene will tell Snape off...somehow...And about the hugging, well I thought I would go with the "soft" version of what I had in mind ;-) Thanks for updating so soon! I cant wait to read more! I love the way you write Snape and your character Athene is so lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you very much--glad you enjoyed! And, oh, yes, Snape will get off...I mean, get told off...in coming chapters.

Vocalion 2004.12.17 - 01:03PM 7: Forced Company Signed
"--a little less of the peek and a little more of the boo!" Loved that line. Many other good lines, as well.

Vocalion 2004.12.17 - 12:50PM 6: Distractions Signed
Apollo returns! I rarely have anything insightful to impart in a review, but I just wanted to pass through to let you know that I am still enjoying your story. It's always a blessing to own a horse that knows when to nicker!

Author's Response: Feel free to pass through any time you like--it is wonderful to know that people are still reading! Apollo sends a big sloppy snuffle your way.

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