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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

LookFar 2006.09.02 - 12:34AM 24: Appreciation Signed
Aww, this was just perfect, just as it should be. Not soppy, but wise as two older-but-wiser lovers might be. This chapter has a perfect touch. This is a long bit, but just to quote: At last, Snape thought, as he entered her rather forcefully. At last I have found someone that I want who can appreciate me, who is not afraid of me. At last I am allowed a chance at something, someone of my own. And at last I get to enjoy taking a woman here on my desk--at her insistence, no less. Oh, rapture! With every thrust and counter-thrust the desk vibrated, and the little dish of moss skittered inexorably toward the edge. Snape's fierce climax sent it to the brink, where, with a wonderful sense of comic timing, it teetered until Athene also finished. At that point it fell to the floor, shattering and startling the newly sated lovers. "I think," gasped Athene, "that we have most definitely upset the moss...beyond all repair." She heard a muted sound coming from Snape, whose forehead now rested on her shoulder. His head began to vibrate, and she realized that he was shaking with muffled laughter. When he raised his head, Athene looked at his flushed cheeks and dark eyes--which at the moment held no deeper mysteries than need satisfied and mirth aroused--and saw what Snape must have looked like as a child. Athene had often pictured her heart as a small tin box, mostly empty, with the few loves she harbored rattling around inside. At this moment though, there was no denying that it was, in fact, alive. She felt it open like a ragged bloody flower, eagerly drinking in the sight of Snape as a true flower does sunshine. Merlin help her, she loved him. "Acute trauma, I think," panted Snape, unaware of Athene's epiphany. "I will notify Bobken and Prisant not to expect results by Christmas." This is the sort of epiphany I would expect of them.

LookFar 2006.09.02 - 12:19AM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
Very funny! And lust on horseback is a good one. I only wish they could indulge. I especially enjoyed Apollo getting his Pepper-Up: "Once the steam finished pouring out of Apollo's ears and nostrils, the flying horse ruffled his wings, nickered contentedly, and gave the nice wizard's head a nuzzle by way of thanks. "Bleagh!" Snape wiped his cheek." Now, tell me true; was that Lucy Van Pelt, wiping off dog germs?

LookFar 2006.09.01 - 12:08AM 20: An Unexpected Addiction Signed
oh dear, what will it be? and of course, ss is petrified to find himself letting her matter. it's very interesting to me that she is petrified too.

LookFar 2006.08.30 - 02:58PM 19: Unwanted Attention Signed
They were holding hands!?!! What a thrill for the Snapefile. This chapter really works well because it pulls the lens back from the couple to their environment. It's so funny that each student spy is sure that his "own" professor is under compulsion. Just one example of the clever ideas that makes this story so consistently interesting. I think the word is "nauseated." "Nauseous" means "disgusting."

LookFar 2006.08.30 - 02:23PM 16: Public Displays of Disaffection Signed
"He resembled nothing so much as a tempest personified--a dark storm barely contained in the body of a man. He hadn't felt this good in years." Har har! I'm so glad to hear that when Snape is feeling good, he's worse to his students. It's so in character. This chapter had me laughing out loud in several places. Is it proper to use the work "feudal" to refer to feuds? Or did you mean it as in "feudalism?"

LookFar 2006.08.30 - 08:10AM 15: Base Instincts Signed
Absolutely gorgeous. I loved the bit with the wands; much better than if they just awoke and started snogging affectionately. She's so real! I've said it before, but it's true. And a good match for him in strength.

LookFar 2006.08.29 - 11:41PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
*fans self with black and green silk fan* That was indeed extremely satisfactory.

LookFar 2006.08.29 - 11:30PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
"Steaming piles of sarcastic bullshit!" That really made me laugh. This is great!

LookFar 2006.08.29 - 11:20PM 11: Interference Necessary Signed
I love the tease here -- oh GOD I wish Severus was pressing his thigh against mine under the table -- and I'm so happy to have a heroine who pursues her hero. No fainting and confused Mary Sues here.

LookFar 2006.08.28 - 11:10PM 9: Finishing What Was Started Signed
Oh, *guh.* When she pushed him against the tree -- yay, Athene! -- I just melted. I'm so glad they haven't had to dance around forever to get to this point. Oh, I'm sure there will be impediments to come, but I'm so much enjoying a heroine who goes after what she wants. And mad auror skillz!

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