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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.01.06 - 11:08AM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
Dont worry you did it - it was realistic and not too ...I dunno lol I think it was interesting to see that Snape still has inner demons, which only makes it more real - so all in all very goody!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Sniv 2005.01.06 - 10:58AM 13: Lesson Plans Forgotten Signed
*big grin* Hehe! Lovely! And of course Snape wont admit he is just as nervous! Great! Ahh so good!

LariLee 2005.01.05 - 05:51PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
You're doing terrific! Lovely, realistic sex.

Author's Response: Thank you!

LariLee 2005.01.05 - 05:39PM 13: Lesson Plans Forgotten Signed
cool-as-a-cucumber (if cucumbers came in black) Oh, I loved this line!
and Athene's gibberish and Snape's 'If she has not had much experience in these matters of late, then she can hardly criticize my performance. In fact, unless I greatly embarrass myself in some fashion--which I will not--she will likely be exceedingly tolerant and grateful and generous and full of praise.' Wonderful chapter and if satisfaction is just a click away... *CLICK!*

Author's Response: Yes, I see Snape as a bit of an opportunist--not that he doesn't have standards, but he is a Slytherin, after all. Thanks for the review!

Vocalion 2005.01.05 - 03:40PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
You are doing quite well, and this is EXACTLY how I envision Snape behaving in a love scene. Perfect.

Author's Response: Yipes, the P-word! While I wouldn't go that far, it is a relief to know that this version of Snape does not reside solely in my own befuddled head. Thanks!

Vocalion 2005.01.05 - 03:21PM 13: Lesson Plans Forgotten Signed
"Satisfaction is only a click away?" Now THAT's how to write an author's note! I'm cackling like a fool as I'm typing this. So many great lines, but among my favorites: "Was that how one was supposed to seduce a woman? He couldn't remember. He didn't care much." "Lessgobednow?" "...nay, a veritable Gothic love-nest." Additional brownie points too, for button-rubbing. Now, off to seek satisfaction...

Author's Response: Hmm, wondering about what sorts of lovely things I can use those brownie points for...

CareCrystal 2005.01.05 - 02:13PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
"It wasn't picture perfect, mind you; real sex never is." I think that's my favorite line in this entire chapter---congrats for creating a really nice scene that was mature and realistic, but still endlessly romantic!

Author's Response: Thank you--that is very good to hear. While some can get away with it, I just couldn't turn two complex people of a certain age with little relationship experience into porn stars, even with the aid of magic. And thanks again for all of your work on this story--it wouldn't be up to snuff without you!

Teacherspet 2005.01.04 - 06:01PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
WOW! Unbelievably great story. I've been reading fanfic for a long time and this is one of the best OC stories I have ever read. It's so good I haven't minded the lack of lemons yet. Eagerly looking forward to the next two chapters though ;0 Thanks for the great read, Teacherspet aka Thorn on Ashwinder

Author's Response: A big fat sincere thanks for this review--very very nice to hear from a longtime reader. I hope the lemons will not disappoint, but even if they do, let me know! Best wishes, Grainne

Sniv 2005.01.04 - 09:06AM 12: What Is Required? Signed
Omg *melts* Ahhh! I love the fact that they are both uncertain and I actually expected Snape to react like that! Great! I love the last bit in this chapter!!! Please post the two next chapters soon!!!! Im addicted! lol...Happy new year!

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you found Snape believable. Happy New Year to you as well! I'll get busy obtaining your next fix for you...

Sniv 2005.01.04 - 08:52AM 11: Interference Necessary Signed
LOL go Dumbledore! Whee I cant wait to find out what those two will find in the Room of Requirement! Great chapter! Im really enjoying this!

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